How many points does Argentina need to qualify for the World Cup?

The players enjoy communion with the people and the fans are enthusiastic about this Selection, as it was ratified this Thursday at the Monumental, with the 1-0 victory against Peru. With the soccer jerk and all that collective enthusiasm, Argentina is consolidated in the table of the Playoffs. The present is so prosperous that many want the World Cup to start right now, if possible tomorrow. But there is more than one year to Qatar 2022. There is still to get a ticket.

How many? The calculation gives, beyond the mathematics, that with six points in the seven games that remain (including the suspended one with Brazil) he will be assured of the classification. It would add 31, one more than the one that needed the most units to go to a World Cup (Paraguay with 30 to Korea and Japan in 2002).

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Argentina (25) is currently in second place from the qualifying table, six units behind the leader Brazil (31). But to determine at this moment when he could get his ticket to the World Cup it is necessary to look at those who are in fifth place, Uruguay and Colombia (16). By goal difference, the Charrúa would play the Repechage today. And they have six dates ahead of them. Argentina has a chance to secure the numbers in advance.

Without depending on what happens in the other games, Scaloni’s team will arrive safely in Qatar if they score 10 points. But they could be less, since the National Team must face both Colombia and Ecuador, and to beat them will be enough.

Now the double date is coming in November: visit to Uruguay and receive Brazil. If in these matches the difference with Colombia widens, the classification could even be advanced.

To Brazil 2014, Ecuador was classified with 25, which Argentina already has. And to Russia 2018, Colombia went with 27. All signs of how close Argentina is.

This is the table

How are the Playoffs going?

Date 13

Uruguay – Argentina

Peru – Bolivia

Brazil – Colombia

Paraguay – Chile

Ecuador – Venezuela

Date 14

Colombia – Paraguay

Venezuela – Peru

Bolivia – Uruguay

Argentina Brazil

Chile – Ecuador

Date 15

Colombia – Peru

Venezuela – Bolivia

Paraguay – Uruguay

Chile – Argentina

Ecuador – Brazil

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