How do the ‘Europeans’ get to the call-up of the Mexican team?

The Tricolor is preparing for the next three duels of the Concacaf tie with the participation of eight elements from the ‘Old Continent’

Gerardo Martino, coach of the Mexican team, summoned eight footballers who are active in Europe for the matches of the final octagonal of the Concacaf October. Among them, the presence of Edson Álvarez stands out, who is the player with the most minutes of action, followed by Raúl Jiménez and Néstor Araujo.

The defender was in doubt for the convocation of the Mexican team, after a discomfort he had last week. However, the center-back appeared this Sunday as a starter with Celta de Vigo and will report without problems with El Tri. Araujo has been present in seven of the eight LaLiga duels, where he has played 626 minutes of play so far this season.

He has not been able to debut in the current season. The center-back has five calls for Genoa, but in all of them he has remained on the substitute bench. Vásquez will be the footballer summoned by Gerardo Martino with the least activity, as he has not played since the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

It is one of the immovable of the eleven of the Ajax. Álvarez has started all eight days of the Eredivisie, in addition to the two of the Champions League. The youth squad of America accumulates a total of 852 minutes of play, time in which he has been present on the scoreboard twice, both in the local tournament.

The ‘Little Prince’ this weekend had no participation in the defeat of Real Betis against Villarreal. However, Guarded will arrive with eight games, six from LaLiga and two from the Europa League, in which he adds 429 minutes of play.

The Atlético de Madrid footballer will arrive at the call for the Mexican team with just four games played, in which he has added 163 minutes, 148 in three LaLiga matches and the remaining 15 in the only duel he has had in the current edition of the Champions League.

The ‘Tecatito’ has lost four of the eight games of the Primeira Liga, even this weekend he stayed on the substitute bench in Porto’s triumph over Pacos Ferreira. Corona has played 377 minutes in the season, of which 197 has been added in local competition and 180 in the Champions League.

Gerardo Martino’s El Tri scorer will return after a skull fracture. Jiménez will return to Tri with the 630 minutes of play that have been played in the Premier League, in addition to the fact that the striker adds a touchdown and just last weekend he had a round performance with two assists.

The ‘Chucky’ will report to the concentration of the Mexican team after he did a goal at the weekend for Napoli to beat Florentina 1-2. Lozano adds 365 minutes of participation so far this season, of which 285 has been harvested in Serie A, a tournament in which he has two goals and two assists; while the remaining 80 are from the Europa League.