How did Roberto Mancini make Italy live a renaissance?

Roberto Mancini does a spectacular job with the Italian national team since he took command of a team in full decline after not attending a World Cup

This Friday, Italy received Switzerland, at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome in a decisive match for the World Cup qualifiers 2022. The two teams add 14 points in group C, and whoever wins the match will have a direct qualification for the match. Qatar World Cup.

To achieve another important result, the Azzurra relies on the work of the technician Roberto Mancini, which since he took over the team, in May 2018, has had some spectacular numbers: 30 victories in 44 games, with a 68.18% effectiveness. And the 2020 Eurocup title.

Mancini, who has been in charge of several important teams in Europe, is frequently praised by his former teammates for his easy-going personality, as well as for the cohesive work style based on meritocracy demonstrated in training with the national team and in matches with the clubs.

Midfielder Daniel bessa, currently at Hellas Verona, is one of those who is part of the coach’s “troop”.

With passages through the bases of Coritiba and Atlético-PR, Bessa made her entire career in European football after reaching the Inter de Milan still in his teens (remember the story of the midfielder.

In the Nerazzuro team, he was led by Roberto Mancini when he rose to professional in the 2012/13 season. Although he has few appearances with the coach, the Brazilian can only praise the methodology of “Robby Mancio”, as the technician is known.

“Mancini was my coach at Inter when I was promoted from the basics. He had a lot of attention with everyone from the base and watched all the youth games. So much so that he launched several important boys in that period,” remembered Daniel.

“We all did the 30-day preseason and what I remember the most is that he treated everyone identically. He is a very simple guy on the field, with great technical and tactical work. Besides, he is very direct and calm. football, and very well, inspires respect “, listed.

“With him, the impression that everyone had was that he was going to play with whoever did well. At that time, they should not even have considered me for the team, because I was very young, but I played in the preseason, since I was training well, in his opinion. This is a huge quality of Mancini “, exalted.

Bessa He says that, at first, “Mancio” was very concerned about defense, like all good Italian coaches.

However, over the years, and also with what he learned from his work at clubs like Manchester City, Galatasaray and Zenit, Roberto He changed his style a bit when he joined the Italian national team, becoming a more complete professional.

“His style was very Italian, always paying close attention to defense, marking folds and pressure. In the national team, however, he wants the team to attack much more than before, in addition to having more of the ball. It has changed throughout the course. over the years, bringing new ideas to his work “, Daniel argued.

“Today, Italy uses a very physical style of play, because everyone runs all the time, and maintaining the Italian defense a bit, but also being more courageous in attack”, explained.

“Currently, they also play with three quality guys in midfield. Previously, there were two to score and run and only one to shoot. The wingers were strong guys in the past, while today they are faster and more technical athletes, having guys like Del Piero and Totti, the defense was the strong point of Italy. Today is a team that plays better than its rivals and wins with imposition “, added.

For Daniel bessa, the arrival of Mancini It was essential to reactivate Italian football after the shame of not qualifying for the 2018 World Cup.

“The Italians were very critical of the visible fall of their football after the 2006 World Cup title, but they went after the solutions and managed to get up. They brought the best of other countries and managed to apply here. And Mancini put them into perfection, the cherry of the cake on top of this job of being the champion of the Eurocup. Although the team did not identify itself as a favorite, he was champion and was playing well “, analyzed.

One of the strengths of the work of Roberto ManciniBy the way, it was that he put an end to the useless discussion about the use of naturalized footballers in the Azzurra.

The issue dominated Italian football for many years, but Mancini was silent and was champion of the Euro with a team with three Brazilians of Italian nationality: the left side Emerson, defender Rafael Tolói and defensive midfielder Jorginho .

“He doesn’t look at who the player is, what country he comes from, but who is better. Mancini doesn’t care if the guy is Brazilian, Italian, half Brazilian, half Italian … if he’s good, he puts him to play! Mancini looks the job, not the name. To build the team, look for the best available to you. “, concluded Bessa.


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How did Roberto Mancini make Italy live a renaissance?