Hernán ‘Bolillo’ Gómez returns to assume command of Honduras and anticipates that he will do microcycles – Diez – Diario Deportivo

After solving some personal situations, the Colombian coach Hernán Darío “Bolillo” Gómez arrived this Thursday in Tegucigalpa accompanied by his coaching staff to take command of the Honduras national team.

Gómez was presented on Wednesday, October 20, as the new Bicolor coach, replacing the Uruguayan Fabian Coito. After that, the helmsman returned to his country to solve personal matters and from there he has watched videos to expand his knowledge of the Catracho footballer.

“We have seen videos of players, obviously time will always be lacking, but there is already a base that must be worked on and see what we do with the players that we can summon,” he said upon arrival.

He was consulted about the goals scored by the legionaries Denil Maldonado, Alberth elis, Alex Lopez and Antony “Choco Lozano.

“I am going to have calmer contact with them, as do all the national team coaches. Those goals are good, they bring joy and hope,” he stressed.

He was also consulted on the performance of the players he is targeting at games against Panama and Costa Rica on November 12 and 16, respectively.

“I am not going to talk now about yields or changes, we are going to continue analyzing, there is still a prudent time. They will have a payroll that almost everyone will accept, it is not complicated to draw a list of selections, only that there are times that three or four vary somewhat. “

On his first call with Honduras

One of the topics that he will speak in these first hours with the Fenafuth leadership will be the subject of his first call, but he anticipates that it will be a small list to start a short micro-cycle.

“I have come to talk about it right now with the managers. It has to be a small payroll because the work of the clubs cannot be interrupted or damaged in times of competition.”

Will it be tomorrow (Friday) that he will give the list? They asked him. “Leave the eagerness, calm, capable if there is, but calm”.

At Bolillo, physical trainer Juan Mauricio Roldán and coaches Edgar Carvajal, Daniel Gómez (his son) and Óscar Pérez, who make up his work team, accompanied him on his arrival.

About the Catracho player:
“I like how the Honduran footballer plays, I like his physical condition, there are very good things. That is why I said in the first interview, that it is not a position for Honduras where it is. That position does not enter my head.

On performance of Alberth Elis and Antony Lozano:
“Their performance is good and they have always been good players. Lozano and Elis are not surprising, they are always good players, with experience and we will try to accommodate them so that they continue to be good in the National Team.”


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Hernán ‘Bolillo’ Gómez returns to assume command of Honduras and anticipates that he will do microcycles – Diez – Diario Deportivo