Héctor Herrera and a slight that shakes all of Mexico

Héctor Herrera received a slight that mobilized all his feelings and has caused an uproar throughout Mexico.

Héctor Herrera was surprised by a forceful rebuff that has him in his sights, especially in Mexico where they do not leave his astonishment.

At the time, despite the fact that the Mexico National Team could not win the Gold Cup in the final against the United States, midfielder Héctor Herrera had a reason to celebrate: he was awarded as the best player of the tournament.

The Concacaf in the Gold Cup recognized the most outstanding players with awards and that is how Héctor Herrera was established as the best player in the competition.

At that time, social networks were moved to read the meaningful message that Shantal Mayo dedicated to Héctor Herrera, minutes after meeting him again.

Soccer turns their lives and she knows that perfectly, even more so when they must face the distance missing each other, but at the same time with the mind set that he can give his best on the field of play.

The couple always find a way to be noticed and, apparently, this time it was she who put first and captivated everyone who came across this family postcard.

Shantal Mayo and Héctor Herrera always manage to give something to talk about, especially when they are very cuddly in front of their followers. It is common for them to surprise in their respective accounts with content that is extremely attractive, in which they show that they know very well how to keep the spark intact.

This time, as a couple, they did their thing and they are gaining a good number of likes as proof that their followers love to see content, beyond the player’s football career.

“Always proud of you, always admiring you”, was the message that Héctor Herrera received and that, without a doubt, managed to shake all of Mexico with emotion for the moving words that Shantal Mayo dedicated to him.

However, now he went from being receiving tokens of love, to being ignored. At least that is what is being commented on his profile, after seeing that he shared a romantic publication with his wife and she only managed to like it. There were no comments, which undoubtedly sparked all kinds of speculation.