Hazard’s new problem

Hazard returned of his journey with the national team with barely 63 minutes on the legs of the 180 in total who could have played. Belgium, your oasis of minutes in recent months, it has also failed him this time after a strange release from last match against Wales.

I played just over an hour against Estonia last Saturday and

back to Madrid (with Courtois)

, where a

each plummeting

of its leading role in the field.

He has not been a starter since last September 28

before him


and since then he has disputed

51 minutes in the last seven games

between League and Champions.

Overcome the torment of injuries

(this season he only suffered a slight muscle injury in the October break), the

lack of continuity and minutes

has become the

Hazard’s new problem

to try to regain your best level.

Ancelotti at the moment denies it

and in Belgium he might end up resigned from the

little activity

what is he having in the

Real Madrid



The truth is that


he’s not playing anything at this start of the season. In Madrid he has only played 29 percent of the minutes:

415 ‘of the corresponding 1,440’

to the

16 official matches

played so far between all competitions. In this sense,

Belgium has been his lifeline

, playing 50 percent of the minutes:

314 ‘out of 630’

corresponding to the seven games of the Belgian team since September. If it weren’t for the selection,

Hazard’s situation would be extremely delicate



was determined to recover the best version of


and bet on the Belgian starter at the start of the season. A bet that did not last long before the push

by Vinicius and Rodrygo

. In the third game (against Betis) he was no longer in the starting eleven and from that moment he lost the stripes of ‘titularsimo’.

Rodrygo, Asensio, Valverde, Mariano and Lucas

they have been starters in attack before the Belgian in the last matches.


Hazard plays less and less and seems more and more disconnected. If your headline presences weren’t convincing,

he is not making merits either as a substitute

to recover the lost gallons. It is light years from

Benzema and Vinicius

and the rest of the attackers are also overshadowing him.

In Belgium they put their hands on their heads

faced with the situation of


, but his performance in Madrid is still far from what was expected and thus it will be difficult for Ancelotti to give him new opportunities.

“It is difficult because you have only a few minutes to prove your worth”

his brother Thorgan pointed out.

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Hazard’s new problem