Hazard, neither as a revulsive

Seis minutes. And when the game had all the earmarks of being closed. Not that they were what in the NBA They call from the garbage, but Hazard’s entrance to the field had little more route than to give air to a Vinicius who has taken the Belgian ahead until he converted the Silver Ball of the World Cup in Russia in a footballer of a handful of minutes in the final stages of the matches.

Because the fall of Hazard lived one more episode in Elche. With Benzema in Madrid resting, one could think of Hazard as holder. Error. With Rodrygo injured after a quarter of an hour, one could think of the Belgian’s entry. Error again. The Hazard Today is a third unit substitute.

Madrid’s 7 yield curve for the season is a dizzying decline. He lost ownership and the minutes he gave him Ancelotti to boot (66 in Vitoria, before Celta and Sheriff, 59 with Levante or 78 in Mestalla); and it has not gained a place as a revulsive either. From the bench his contribution is reduced to almost nothing.

In the five minutes he played in Elche, no positive action appears in his statistics. The decline in its figures only adds reasons to the phrase that Ancelotti said last Tuesday: “The problem of Hazard is that now the coach prefers another player “.

A month without shooting at the door

Each section that is analyzed in Hazard opens a black hole before him. To find a shot of his between the three clubs in LaLiga you have to go to September 12, when against Celta he directed two shots to goalkeeper. In the Champions League, in the harassment of Sheriff, sum three (September 28).

Total, Hazard he adds a total of 409 minutes and a total of seven shots on goal: one in every 58 minutes.

And the future?

TO Carlo Ancelotti Now a panorama opens up to him that is not simple. Your bet and decision is clear, but managing the Hazard case it is part of their job. We are not facing another player, he is a footballer of more than 100 million euros, a patrimony of the Madrid. It is clear that Vinicius it cannot be touched.

Ancelotti: “Hazard’s problem is that there is a coach who bets on another”

The left wing is yours, by right. The low of Rodrygo creates a hole. It is not the natural area of Eden, but it is not there to claim anything. It only remains for him to try to add, regardless of the position, or the minutes that his coach gives him. That was for another Hazard, the star that came to Madrid, It is not that he has contributed little in his five games as a starter and less when he has entered from the bench.


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Hazard, neither as a revulsive