Harvey Elliott’s chilling injury that shocked the entire Premier League

Harvey Elliott’s injury in the Leeds vs. Liverpool

Every time the television cameras stop focusing on the playing field it is because something serious happened. That happened today when the young player of the Liverpool, Harvey Elliott, fell from a serious injury. Once on the grass and his cry that came to be heard despite the public present, made the cameras go to another point, although the face and gestures of his coach, Jurgen Klopp, they conveyed more concern.

It was in the complement of the match where the red team thrashed 3-0 at Leeds United managed by Marcelo Bielsa. At 57 minutes, the 18-year-old midfielder received a pass from Fabinho with the outer edge going straight to Elliot, with the intention of setting up the counterattack. The young midfielder took the ball and at that moment Pascal Struijk he threw himself to sweep to recover the ball.

Struijk threw himself to the ground from behind, with his right leg forward, and took the ball from Elliot. However, with the other leg he hooked his colleague’s left, when he fell on him he injured him with his weight and the impact. Elliot tried to get up, but realizing the gravity, he threw himself back to the ground, showing many gestures of pain.

Elliot was treated by his team’s doctors and opposing players also approached. There the cameras left the grass and the focus was another, in this case Klopp, who first walked from one place to another and did not want to see what was happening. Time began to pass and each second was an eternity. The tension that grew and it was feared for a delicate injury since the 18-year-old footballers could not move.

Pascal Struijk falls on Harvey Elliott and injures him (Reuters / Lee Smith EDITORIAL USE ONLY)

Five minutes later the youth was removed from the court applauded by all the spectators, in a full stadium setting, something common in the 2021/2022 season of the Premier League where people were able to return to the venues with a full capacity. Elliot was replaced by Jordan henderson.

The one who realized the serious injury on the spot was his partner Mohamed salah, which was located a few feet from the action. Immediately, the Egyptian asked Liverpool’s medical staff for attention and also called the referee. Craig Pawson.

With the match interrupted, everyone showed their concern, brought their hands to their faces and clutched their heads as if they couldn’t believe what happened. The audience present also left a prolonged silence from their locations.

As the captain of Liverpool, Virgil van Dijk, was the first to approach the judge of the match to protest the action, believing that the expulsion was appropriate. When everyone was on top of Elliott’s situation, Pawson, at the instigation of what he was told from the VAR, decided to take the direct red from Struijk, a failure that was criticized by Leeds fans and players, understanding that the action was not for expulsion.

Harvey Elliot's post
Harvey Elliot’s post

Once in the ambulance, Elliott took a moment to thank through his account Instagram all support messages: “Thank you for your messages, now we are going with the recovery. YNWA (You will never walk alone) “, said the young man who resorted to “You will never Walk alone”, Liverpool’s motto.

In this regard, Klopp said in his post-match press conference: “First of all, it is one of the few publications of Instagram I love them because if you already send that, it shows that you no longer have much pain, it is great news ”.

“I think we all saw it, the ankle was no longer in the right place. The medical department put it back in the right place, which is really important at this time that it is going fast. Apart from that, there are not many good things to say about it, “he added in statements that were published on the club’s official website.

“Obviously it is a serious injury and we have to wait now for more exams, evaluations or whatever, scans, and that’s what we do.”, concluded the German DT.

It will be necessary to see what the studies indicate and what exactly the injury is. The truth is that Liverpool lost a footballer who began to gain ground in the consideration of Klopp and who, for the first time as a starter, was important for the team’s game, which won 3-0.

Due to what happened with Elliot, it was a victory with a bittersweet flavor for Liverpool beyond reaching Manchester United and Chelsea in the first position of the Premier League after four dates, in a trident that commands with 10 points and takes only one to the Manchester City, Brighton And Hove and Tottenham.