Hard letter from Verratti

Messages continue to arrive from the Paris Saint Germain players. Although yesterday the players stepped asideto leave the voice to Leonardo or Pochettino, today some have used their social networks to express their feelings after the deep disappointment experienced at the Santiago Bernabéu. Marco Verratti has probably been the toughest of them all. The Italian has wanted to apologize to the fans and has made self-criticism without hesitation.

It is really very difficult to accept such a defeat. you deserve our apologies. I will try until the end to give you back what you deserve. Let’s stay together because better days are coming, “says Verratti in a direct message to his fans. Although he is confident that in the remainder of the season he will achieve success with his team such as Ligue 1is fully aware that the debacle in Madrid cannot go unnoticed by the respectable.

His message is even harder than Kylian Mbappé’s, who came to describe what happened as “failure”. Cold, hours after the white victory by three goals to one, everything is seen differently. While two heavyweights from the locker room have opted for the path of self-criticism and confidence in what is to come, this past Wednesday night they opted, as a result of the tension of the moment, for another perspective.

The template is aware that it has no choice but to look forward. Ligue 1 is on track and they must continue adding points to secure the title and certify that the project, with or without Mbappé, has future continuity. It will be tough months in Paris, but the locker room unit responds to media noise. Verratti has already apologized and promises to raise his head along with the rest of his teammates.

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Hard letter from Verratti