Haaland: “Guardiola is a special coach”

ANDrling Haaland is still on everyone’s lips. The striker has started the season strongly with Manchester City and expectations are higher than ever. He assumes the pressure and is honest in an interview with FourFourTwo magazine in which he talks about his new team, those who could be and his big medium-term goals.

His father and the link with City

“With City I don’t know, there was something there from the beginning. I like the club a lot, always have, of course. I know a lot about the place from my father’s time here. But also, just as importantly, I like it.” how they have played since Pep Guardiola arrived. From that point of view it was a club and a team that he always had in mind. Inevitable, I don’t know, but yes, there has always been an interest for me to be here.”

Rumors about whether he will be Benzema’s substitute

“It happens in football. I like to laugh, but I don’t think too much about outside conversations. I can’t. It means I’m not focused and I’m not at my best. It’s good to have fun. However. Talking is fine and in the end we’re friends. It’s good.”

Its ease to change teams

“It’s part of the job now. You keep going and I like being out of my comfort zone – that’s something I’ve done several times and, yes, I enjoy it. It’s very nice to be at Manchester City, to continue working. It’s nice to meet new people, getting used to a new country. I’ve been the new guy several times, it’s something I enjoy.”

Adaptation in Manchester

“I already like the vibe here. The locker room feels great. What surprises you is how hungry everyone is. I like the way people are in the place and I’ve already gotten a lot of support from people in the city and beyond, so it makes things a little easier.”

City first impressions

“It’s huge. The facilities around us, the staff, all the people at the club, it’s a huge organization. It’s a very professional club, they do everything in a good way to help their players, which I really like.”


“Well, he didn’t have to sell me the club, that’s for sure. He didn’t have to sell anything. For starters, he is a special manager and that was very important to me. We all know what he has done for his clubs, but also for the players.” and for the game in general. That’s something I want to be a part of. I think we can have a lot of fun together.”

Criticism of your performance

“I don’t listen to all that. When I’m here, I train, I work hard, then I go home and unplug. I have to. My head is very important, it has to be in the right place to play the best I can, so everyone Outside noise is nothing to me. I work with the coach, I work with the team, for the team. That’s it.”


“I’m not a normal man from the street. I’m tall, I have long, blonde hair; everyone sees me, so that’s different, but I’m not complaining at all. My dad knows it, he played, he knows a lot about being a footballer and it has helped me, but I take fame in stride. If I ever changed, I have enough people, not just my dad, to tell me. The people of my hometown are very important to me. I will always remember where I come from. I will never change. I will never change who I am or how I behave.”

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Haaland: “Guardiola is a special coach”