Haaland costs € 70M per year

The main teams on the continent are already beginning to account for what it costs to have Haaland each year if they want to sign him. Having the Norwegian striker in the squad represents an investment that will be around 400 million euros and that will have to be amortized in five years, the time that the first contract signed by the forward will last. Based on the verbal agreement between his representative, Mino Raiola, and Borussia CEO Hans Joaquim Watzke, to “facilitate his departure this summer”, its sale price should be around 100 million euros. According to the information that AS shuffles, there is no written clause that sets that price, as has been published, at 75 million euros. Borussia only paid 20 million euros to Lepzig for Haaland, a deference to the super representative, and is in debt to him (he must respect that verbal pact).

On the other hand, you have to take into account the player’s salary. They assure AS from the footballer’s environment that what he charges will not be decisive in the decision he is going to make. He prefers to prioritize a sports project that guarantees him titles and that brings him closer to his intention to win the Ballon d’Or. But no one escapes the detail that, with Mbappé, Haaland is the footballer of the moment, that he has offers from the main teams in Europe and that the estimate is that, at least, 25 million euros must be put on the table net per season to persuade you. This means 50 million gross for any club …

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In this way, Haaland will have to be paid a total of 250 million euros gross in five years. Together with the 100 million that will be around the transfer, the total amount to sign the Norwegian striker will surely reach 350 million: 70 million a year during the five of the contract he will sign. That, without taking into account the commissions. To take Haaland to Borussia Dortmund, Raiola pocketed 14 million and the footballer’s father 7. That figure will be increased in the next move, either to Madrid or any other big club. For now, everyone is beginning to figure out how to fit those amounts into their balance sheets.

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Haaland costs € 70M per year