Guillermo Ochoa’s reaction to seeing the hug between Lionel Messi and Mbappé

Guillermo Ochoa could not hide his reaction when he saw the video of Lionel Messi hugging with Kylian Mbappé on his first day of PSG training.

Social networks lend themselves to everything and Guillermo Ochoa, like Lionel Messi, is part of them. It was enough to start filtering a video of the Argentine player doing his thing without booties, for the Mexican to react strongly to the images.

Guillermo Ochoa managed to win the medal of anger with the Mexico National Team. While being surrounded by his peers kept him focused, the support of his family was critical to him.

It was not easy for them to face the distance, but technology allowed them to feel accompanied at key moments that only enhance their desire to pursue their dreams.

Following that same line, it seems that Memo is quite aware of everything that happens on social networks and for that reason he was one of the first to echo a video of Lionel Messi in his first training session with PSG!

Through Instagram, images were leaked that have Messi sharing the limelight with Kylian Mbappé, whom he hugged as soon as he arrived at the PSG dressing room.

However, it is not the first time that Memo reacts to Leo’s posts. While Messi was enjoying his vacation in Miami, the player and recent champion of the Copa América could not get rid of football and surprised by doing his thing without boots! Everything was recorded in a video that does not stop adding reproductions.

One of the first to react to seeing him playing barefoot was Guillermo Ochoa, who did not hesitate to like the video as proof of how much he has loved it and how surprised he is that Leo retains that ball handling even without boots!