Guadalajara vs. America – Match Report – March 12, 2022 – ESPN

Guadalajara crashed two balls into the posts, but could not open the scoring against some Águilas that still do not show their best face

GUADALAJARA (ESPN) — The America came out alive Akron Stadium in a goalless draw against the Chivas in a match that the Guadalajara team had in the bag by having a numerical advantage for 40 minutes and which was not taken advantage of by the local team and even ended up suffering during the final minutes.

With a property of Sacred Flock marked by the absence of the bars and filled with children with white shirts was how this commitment became an opportunity for both squads to get out of the bad times they live in Closure 2022.

The America stole a draw from Akron Stadium drawing goalless against some Chivas that they did not know how to take advantage of their numerical advantage and despite having the best chances in the match they ended up suffering against their greatest rival and in part the goalkeeper Miguel Jiménez ended up being a figure.

The interim technician Eagles, Fernando Ortiz, put his hand on the first line-up that he presented in his first meeting and that meant a defeat against Monterrey. Now, the South American seated Jorge Sánchez, Diego Valdés and Jordan Silva and opted for Miguel Layún, Jonathan dos Santos and Álvaro Fidalgo.

The feathered team had important chances to go up in the electronics and change the fate of the match during the first half, but to their misfortune they ran into Miguel Jiménez, who shone and with outstanding moves left his goal at zero.

Uruguayan Federico Viñas had a clear chance when he headed alone inside the area, but the ball was saved by Miguel.

The America had an answer through Alexis Vega, who at minute 37 surprised the opponent with a mid-distance shot that stopped Guillermo Ochoa, but in the end the round hit the right post

Before halftime, Jiménez reappeared with a rebound with a changed hand on a shot by Roger Martínez, who hooked from the sideline to the crescent of the large area to shoot to the angle, but the ball eventually went over the goal against the keeper’s slap.

Jonathan dos Santos experienced a sad first National Classic, because on his return to the starting 11 he was sent off in the first minutes of the second half after receiving two yellow cards for dangerous play. Jonathan dos Santos was sent off at minute 51 for adding his second yellow card for a dangerous play Sebastián Pérez Bouquet, while his first warning was also on the same young man.

Seconds before Jonathan’s expulsion, Hiram Mier jumped without a mark inside the area and burst the ball into the crossbar of an Ochoa who hit after time and had little to do to stop the shot that ultimately hit near the goal line. goal and out.

Pérez Bouquet became the pleasant revelation of the National Classic. At only 18 years old, he played with daring, trying individual plays that got the fans on their feet and receiving fouls that in the end were key and benefited his squad.

In the end the Eagles They showed more pride than soccer, because with greater momentum and long plays they tried to reach the rival area, forcing Chivas to go back and lock himself up so as not to succumb to the game.

America took a point, which is only enough for them to climb to the penultimate position, by goal difference, while Chivas remains in the repechage zone.

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Guadalajara vs. America – Match Report – March 12, 2022 – ESPN