Gregg Berhalter responds to Ochoa’s statements: “It was disrespectful, we don’t treat rivals like that”

Gregg Berhalter, coach of the United States National Team, rekindled the controversy that took place before and after the match between the USMNT and Mexico on November 12 in Cincinnati and stressed that the statements made by Guillermo Ochoa were disrespectful to Team USA.

At The US Soccer podcast, the USMNT strategist explained that they felt that the statements made by the Tricolor goalkeeper and captain were disrespectful within the Selection.

“We had our preparation, we focused on what we know how to do and our plan to beat them, but Guillermo Ochoa’s comments became a story, it was something funny. Dress Christian in the shirt and what happened next, it was something that I discussed with the team. The only interesting thing for me was the lack of respect they had for our team. We just beat them in two tournaments and going out to say that didn’t sit well, it was disrespectful. We don’t treat rivals like that, You will never see us say something like that to us, regardless of the rival, it took us by surprise, but at the same time it motivated us to show them, ”explained Berhalter.

Nevertheless, Berhalter explained that Ochoa’s statements were taken on the sporting side and he assured that in this type of rivalry what happens in the field is not transferred to the culture.

“When we are in the field, without a doubt, there are rivalries and we want to beat them, when a goalkeeper says something, it makes us angry. Everything is sporting and competitive. I have a lot of respect for Martino, we assume everyone’s culture. We have Mexican-Americans in the team, we have people from all over the world and it is something that makes us special as a country. If there is rivalry between teams, it should not expand to a rivalry of countries, “he added.

Berhalter wants to see Canada in Qatar 2022

The USMNT coach said he was happy for the moment that he crossed Canada in the Octagonal and expressed his desire to see the Canadian team with the ticket to the World Cup.

“It’s great in the middle of this. Having been related to MLS, I saw several Canadians grow and develop as players. It’s fun to see that and it would be great if the USMNT and Canada qualify for the World Cup, “he added.

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Gregg Berhalter responds to Ochoa’s statements: “It was disrespectful, we don’t treat rivals like that”