Gonzalo Pineda from giving shoes to the Cube to becoming his coach in Atlanta

A few years ago, in Guadalajara, Pineda and Cubo Torres had an anecdote that now takes on relevance because they both met again at Atlanta United

Érick “Cubo” Torres and Gonzalo pineda They have a past Chiva, however they did not coincide in the first team, while the forward forged his way in the basic forces of the herd, who will be his coach at MLS Atlanta United, was part of one of the most remembered teams of Guadalajara in recent times.

During his time in the lower ranks, Torres stayed to watch the first team training sessions whenever he had the chance and recalls an anecdote he lived with Gonzo “I remember that he was leaving training and I asked him for some soccer shoes, when you are in basic strength you approach with the first division players, you almost always go and ask them for souvenir shoes or shirts, surely he does not remember, I asked him for some shoes and half”.

But despite Pineda’s detail, young Érick could never wear those shoes “they were made of metal that he couldn’t use because of the courts where he played, and they didn’t fit me because he was smaller than me, but very cool; He went to the Props and gave them to me, he won’t remember but I have it very recorded ”.

The fate of that pair of soccer shoes is unknown to El Cubo “I don’t remember where they were, I don’t know if I used them or one of my brothers, when they gave me I used them, Reynoso used my number and he was the one who gave me shoes.”

Gonzalo Pineda played for Chivas from the Clausura 2006 to the Apertura 2009, time that he shared with figures of the stature of Oswaldo Sánchez, Omar Bravo, Adolfo Bautista, Alberto Medina, Ramón Morales, “Maza” Rodríguez, Héctor Reynoso among others, raising the league trophy at Apertura 2006 and having outstanding international participation in Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana.

Torres, for his part, was promoted to the first team at the age of 17 in the 2010 Apertura, (almost a year after Pineda’s departure), after scoring 43 goals in his Ri notes basic strength categories.

Fate will bring together these two characters with an Atletico past at Atlanta United, the club that chose the Mexican World Cup in 2006 to guide their destinies after a disappointing first half of the season under the command of Argentine Gabriel Heinze.

Torres shows his approval in a virtual interview with ESPN “I am happy, not only because he is Mexican but because he is a person who will help the institution a lot, he knows the league, he has been a technical assistant for one of the most important teams for four or five years. winners and competitive as Seattle Sounders is, I’m happy even though he’s Mexican because I know he played soccer, he’s very professional, human, he’s going to understand us and he’s going to help the team and the results and get connected to the playoffs ”.

Gonzalo Pineda was named Atlanta United manager last week and is expected to join on Thursday after Wednesday’s home game against Toronto FC., the team ranks ninth in the Eastern Conference with 21 units, five from the playoff zone and with 15 games to play in the 2021 season.