Goal is missing … and there are plenty of strikers

Goal is missing and there are plenty of strikers

The Real Madrid, according to its official website, it has eleven forwards on payroll for next season. Logically, not all of them will be part of the final squad of 21-22. The market will tell. But the overpopulation in a demarcation that summarizes better than any other the team’s shortcomings in recent campaigns, after the imperial cycle of the four Champions in zinc

or years

. Of the


goals of the 17-18 season, Cristiano’s last at the club, at


goals from last season, which closed without titles in Cibeles. Far, far away, are the


goals from 11-12, the League of Records, or the


from 16-17, from


League-Champions. Since the departure of the former carrier of ‘7’, the team has only exceeded one hundred goals (


at 18-19). The figure dropped to 99 in 19-20 and hit the ground floor last season. For the following, Madrid has a roster of eleven attackers, although

Lucas Vazquez

He renewed due to his status as a versatile footballer and with many options to play more as a winger than as a winger. Despite this, the great – and almost only – priority of the club continues to be recruiting another forward. All the spotlights point to

Kylian Mbappé

, because it is not seen among those that there is already someone willing to alleviate the burden that falls exclusively on the shoulders of

Karim Benzema

, alpha and omega in Madrid’s goal after Ronaldo’s departure to the


. French has contributed in the last three years


targets, in a task in which he has barely had help from his line mates. They have contributed more midfielders such as


or defenses like


, which is no longer there to continue helping. Of the rest of the white attackers, for diverse and very varied reasons, there has been hardly any news.


He has been plagued by physical problems for two years,


overcame a serious injury that has not allowed him to take the step that everyone expected,

Vini Jr

. has in the definition its great pending task,


has not managed enough minutes to be regular,


prefers assistance to rapier and




They have been two unmitigated disappointments. If you want to see the glass half full, you can turn your eyes to


, 16 goals in less than 1,700 minutes during his assignment at Tottenham, and even


(eleven goal value shares in AC Milan). But there are reasonable doubts about the Welshman regarding his involvement (last season of his juicy contract with the white club), and the Spanish claim from San Siro continues to arrive, which promises him the minutes that nobody guarantees in Madrid. The summary of the situation is that a goal is missing and there are plenty of forwards. Of those eleven that are on the payroll today (four of them without a number after returning from assignment) will not all remain, because Madrid’s priority is to alleviate the accounts to make room for Mbappé. The French does have the goal that Madrid lacks (

42 in 47 games last season

), but the operation is of such depth and complexity that at this point it is risky to glimpse a happy ending, the one that Real Madrid hopes will alleviate the scoring difficulties of its team since May 2018.

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