Giovani Dos Santos works in facilities of the America waiting to find equipment

Giovani Dos Santos, still looking for a team to continue his career, gets in shape at the América facilities

The race of Giovani dos Santos It hasn’t finished yet and the striker is getting ready physically to try to find a team in the next transfer market, so he keeps working at the club’s facilities America so as not to lose the condition.

Sources commented to ESPN that the now former Eagles player took advantage of his good relationship with the board of America to ask them to allow him to use the club’s facilities to work on his physical appearance, a situation that the members of the Azulcrema board of directors agreed to without any problem, so Giovani dos Santos He has come a few days in the afternoon to the Coapa property.

Giovani He has not played professional soccer since mid-2021 when he left the Americanist team and, although he has looked for other team options, he has not been able to settle in Mexican soccer or in any foreign league, so he remains in search of some club interested in your services.

The same source noted that Giovani Dos Santos, 32 years old, feels that he still has the qualities to play in a first division team and hopes that his extensive resume will open the door for him to a league. It should be noted that he has the opportunity to play in Mexico and Europe without occupying a foreign position, which could be an advantage to find accommodation.

Jonathan Dos Santos is the current representative of the family in the winningest team in Mexican soccer, but, in his last appearance, he was expelled in the National Classic that tied 0-0 against Chivas last Saturday.

Giovani Dos Santoswho also had outstanding participations defending the shirt of the Mexican National Team, is still waiting to find out in which team he will be able to continue his career after having worn shirts like Barcelona, ​​Tottenham Hotspur, LA Galaxy, among others.

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Giovani Dos Santos works in facilities of the America waiting to find equipment