Gio Moreno was charged for his words: he will not continue with Nacional

Atlético Nacional’s title in Liga BetPlay 2022-I left great joy for the purslane fans, after winning the 17th star against Tolima, after five years of drought. Giovanni Moreno’s statements at that press conference were a trigger to cause him to leave the institution.

They did not go down well with the entrails and the leadership of the club, so their non-continuity was ratified. This was announced by President Emilio Gutiérrez, at a press conference “Gio came with a dream that we all shared, to be League champions. He helped us to fulfill it and the club to him. We deeply appreciate his contribution to what was the achievement of the title. New pages are written in the history of the club, largely thanks to him”.
He revealed the reasons that led to the decision, from the board of directors “His contract ended this semester, a contract that was fully fulfilled between the parties. To say that the impasse that occurred at the last press conference, after the title, was not aligned with the institutions. Although it was an error without malicious intent, it failed in substance and form. The statements generated discomfort in the organization and this led to decision-making”.

“In a decision that transcends sports and finances, the case was studied and it was decided not to continue with Nacional. This club has been built for 75 years, being led for 26 years by the OAL. The club is governed by principles and values, respect is fundamental and the press conference moved away from said value. That led to the analysis and the decision that we all know ”he added.

He specified in the press conference that took place with the steering wheel and the coach, after the victory in the Manuel Murillo Toro “The most important thing is to understand it from three parts. There was a specific error in the press conference of the final, it is in the background because the information was imprecise and formal, it is a talk that can be had privately. In Nacional there is an analysis, if the player failed on the field, from the tactical point of view, an analysis would be made, with consequences. If there had been an injury, the same would be done, with the medical staff. There was analysis for an error that happened in sports and administration. That is already from the board and the conclusion is that the renewal of Gio was not continued ”.

“Any team is an ecosystem of people. To make it successful, it’s not just talent, but the squad is balanced, physically well. One of them is the mentality, the group has felt the affectation by the situation, it is indisputable. But at the same time we are facing impeccable professionals. I have no doubt, they bounced back from a lot of adversity and the group will get that mentality back, with a professional group looking to dominate and build that winning mentality and fighting spirit. The group felt, but we do not believe that this can lead to an exit of any player ”he concluded.

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Gio Moreno was charged for his words: he will not continue with Nacional