Gianni Infantino does not rule out that Costa Rica could host the Major World Cup

The FIFA president is in the country for the closing of the U-20 Women’s World Cup in which he stressed that he has been impeccable

The highest official of the International Federation of Associated Football (FIFA), Giani Infantino is visiting Costa Rica with reasons for the closing of the U-20 World Cup that will have this Sunday the final between Spain and Japan.

Infantino began his agenda at the Gol Project, home of the Costa Rican Soccer Federation (FEDEFUTBOL) to be present at the inauguration of a new field that will be available to all national teams that require it.

After seeing the advances in infrastructure and sharing with a group of children who were doing a training session and then set out to have a space for the media with whom he expressed a great deal of praise for the development he sees in the country and mainly because of the culmination of a World Cup that is ending on a very high note after three weeks of intense activity among the 16 teams that competed in this top-level event.

Given this recent event and having organized a U-17 Women’s World Cup in 2014, the question that arises is: Is Costa Rica headed to be able to host an event of greater magnitude?

This was asked of Giani Infantinowho does not rule out that this nation could host an event such as a Men’s or Women’s Senior World Cup, as co-organizer with another country or more, or hold a men’s youth event, to which the president of FIFA answered:

“I believe that Costa Rica It is not very far from being able to organize a major World Cup, perhaps co-organizing with other countries as well, male or female. We have seen that in this U-20 Women’s World Cup, which is the category below a world cup greater than what this country can offer with very nice full stadiums, friendly people, infrastructure and hotels, ”she indicated.

He added that the 2026 World Cup is already in the hands of the United States, Mexico and Canada, but in the women’s branch it has not been defined who will host the 2027 event or, he acknowledged that in the FIFA They have been in talks with the intention of being able to host a junior men’s world championship every year, which would open the door for Costa Rica to once again host a tournament of this magnitude.

“I think that playing more men’s, junior women’s or senior events has to be Costa Rica’s ambition, perhaps with the countries that are close to Costa Rica in Central or South America,” he added.

In fact, the tournament that this Central American land currently hosts was going to be held in conjunction with Panama, but the complications that arose due to the pandemic prevented Panamanians from being able to continue with the initial plan and Costa Rica continued alone as the organizing country and put out a high-end event.

“The organization of this tournament has been excellent”, stated Gianni Infantino.

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Gianni Infantino does not rule out that Costa Rica could host the Major World Cup