Gerardo Martino and his list of 38: A tribute to groping and incongruity

How can it be explained that in a list of 38 summoned Víctor Guzmán, Aldo Rocha or Alan Mozo do not appear on the National Team in which the best Mexican soccer players are supposed to be?

And beyond: how to understand that they are players without activity in their teams and that for months have shown a very poorsuch as Sebastián Córdova or Rodolfo Pizarro, to name just two cases?

Or you can go even further:what is the point of a list of 38 elements six months before the World Cup in Qatar?

The national teams in the world usually present abundant presets that are intended to have reserves in case they are required by some injury, contagion or any unexpected situation; however, in Mexico the coach Gerardo Martino will work with 38 footballers for three friendly matches (Nigeria, Uruguay and Ecuador), and at the start of the ‘very powerful‘ Nations League in which Suriname and Jamaica will be measured.

It is well known that ‘Tata’ has defined in a 90 percent the call that will attend the World Cup, because during his time at the head of the Tricolor he has made clear what his basewho are the footballers he has and who, whatever they do, have the closed doors of the Selection.

Therefore, this call is a mere groping in which inconsistency also dominates, because if it had the intention of promoting the sports competition The elements that live a good moment and that have at least two tournaments (one year) should appear asking for an opportunity with their performances. the cited Guzman, Rocha and Mozofor example.

Martino intends to give the impression that practically any player can aspire to be called up by throwing a absurdity the size of a list where there are 38 elements, of which at least 15 don’t stand a chance to be in the World Cup.

Or will anyone really believe that a talented 18 year old like Marcelo Flores, who is developing at Arsenal and who has just announced that he will play for Mexico for the rest of his career, is really considered as candidate to get on the World Cup ship, when the coach has barely given him 37 miserable minutes in two grinding games with the Tri mayor?

The most worrying thing is that there is no clarity or explanation about what the Argentine strategist does. In other countries, the coach goes out to give a press conference in which he argues and is also questioned about the decisions and announcements he makes. Here it is published a tweet with the list and no more.

It is the date on which it is not known in depth what Martino thinks of the rivals that touched Mexico in the World Cup, what will prioritize in the preparationhow are you going to divide 38 players, what is the intention to call this amount, what other rivals are intended to look for as part of the blank, why it summons those who are there and why it does not summon those who are not. Any.

The Argentine does and undoes without mediation argumentsbecause not even the presidents of the clubs are aware of what is intended at the level of the Mexican National Team.

That’s the way things are, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that with Rogelio Funes Mori at the helm
—which will return to El Tri with all certainty— and the rest of ‘friends and unconditional‘ of the ‘Tata’ is not even close to the long-awaited fifth game in the world Cup.

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Gerardo Martino and his list of 38: A tribute to groping and incongruity