Gattuso almost killed Pirlo with a fork ‘for offering his sister’

The changing rooms from various clubs around the world hide amazing stories that rarely come to light. This one that involves the historical Gennaro Gattuso and Andrea Pirlo is one of them, because there was a day where Rino tried to kill the Architect with a fork by offer your sister to a manager.

Pirlo it was always a ‘classy’ man on the pitch, but off it was characterized by being a joker and funny, going crazy Gattuso on more than one occasion and putting his life ‘at risk’.

The crazy story of Pirlo and Gattuso’s sister

In the biography of Gattuso ” I think first, then I play ‘, the Italian wrote some of his adventures with Pirlo, where a very curious one occurred when both coincided in Selection and with AC Milan; was eating, Gennaro forgot his cell phone and his partner started texting.

Pirlo is a truly funny person, although off the field he was a son of a bitch. One day I was having lunch and I put my phone on the table. Without seeing, he sent a message to Galliani (president of Milan) ya braida (sports director) to offer my sister, He told them that if they renewed me, he would take them. I went crazy that day, “confessed Gattuso.

That fact angered Gattuso although I still kept my sanity, but Pirlo also enjoyed make him angry by correcting his mistakes in speaking, since it made him believe that he mispronounced a word, and then there he took the fork to try to ‘kill’ him.

After the messages Pirlo corrected me a word three times. I changed my verb tenses, as if I was always saying it wrong. I was with several colleagues and I got really mad, so they knew they had to hide; They grabbed some knives and I grabbed a fork. I kept looking for it and take revenge for my sister, it was a good excuse, but I did not make it”, he confessed between laughs.

It was like this Gattuso and Pirlo made their days more enjoyable within AC Milan, club where they wasted magic, lived a good stage and where they marked an era that is fondly remembered by fans.


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Gattuso almost killed Pirlo with a fork ‘for offering his sister’