Gallos has three serious contenders for its purchase; ESPN reveals who they are

Sources assured ESPN that there are three proposals interested in buying Gallos Blancos and that they have already knocked on Jorgealberto Hank Inzunza’s door to show their interest.

Next week the imminent sale of the Gallos Blancos de Querétaro could take a clear course. Until now ESPN You are aware that there are three proposals on the table that would change the fate of the franchise, which unfortunately last March 5 experienced one of the worst moments in its stadium. The corrector.

Currently any negotiation is “on hold” in terms of the coaching staff and players until “further notice”, however, I am aware that at least three groups are seeking to acquire the Queretans, but I do not know which of that third is mostly lined up to acquire the franchise of the equipment that according to people who have heard the subject has been put up for sale for over 70 million dollars, which for some applicants is “crazy”.

Sources around the interested parties assure me that the following groups have already knocked on the door of Jorge Alberto Hank Inzunzaowner of the federative rights and are the following persons without the numbering having greater or lesser importance or progress in the negotiation.

1. Francisco Orozco

2. Manuel Arroyo

3. Fastlicht family

I know that in the first two options roosters It has ample possibilities of staying in the Queretaro square and in the last one there may be an option to move it, but it has not been specified to which city since the possibility of keeping it in the city would even be evaluated. Queretaro. It speaks of Veracruzbut it only remains as a mere speculation.

Potential buyers:


It is not new that the name of Francis Orozcoowner of No xIn fact, the name of the businessman, who offers internet services, had already expressed to public opinion his desire that Gallos be his property and that the team remain in the city.

Orozco He was in charge of promoting the name of the Queretaro team in advertising spaces in advertising spaces.

He also owns the team Tell us about the Mexican Professional American Football League who plays in Saltillo. He also obtained the franchise of the Algodoneros de Unión Laguna of the Mexican Baseball League.

It is known that initially his idea was to take the franchise to CoahuilaHowever, he would not rule out leaving the team in Querétaro.


Manuel Arroyo began in the business field of communications in 1993 founding the company Comtelsat. He is currently the owner of the sports channel Fox Sports.

In 2012 he acquired the newspaper The financial and is associated with the company Bloomberg. He also bought the company line-upintegrator of digital systems, according to information published by the newspaper The universal.

“He was recognized as businessman of the year in 2014 and according to the Mexican Leaders magazine he occupies one of the main places among the most influential characters in the country,” the newspaper revealed.

According to versions inside the proposal, he could stay in queretaro, but this version could not be corroborated.


For more than a decade the family Fastlich entered the world of football led by Mark Fastlichformer CEO of the Veracruz Red Sharks. Fastlich Sackler is father-in-law of Emilio Azcarraga Jeanpresident of Televisa Group and his son, Adolfo, are passionate about soccer and business.

According to publications, the father is an industrialist, he is a founding businessman of art galleries as well as real estate and construction companies. He is a political activist very close to the president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. The family Fastlich already had the Veracruz in 2009.

Perhaps this is the only case in which the franchise would be at stake for its permanence in Queretaro. It is known from the background and his previous involvement in Veracruz that a possible transfer is not ruled out, but there is no certainty. Additionally, anyone looking to revive the franchise of the Red Sharks He must take care of all the debts of the team, which is a millionaire amount.

Some other surprise cannot be ruled out, however two different sources confirmed to this writer that so far these are the possible scenarios. It is feared that with a possible arrival of the Fastlich there is a disguised timeshare, by familiarity with Azcarragahowever it is a mere fear and nothing that can be sustained in the immediate future.

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Gallos has three serious contenders for its purchase; ESPN reveals who they are