Frenkie de Jong does not rule out Chelsea’s alternative

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The Dutchman prefers to continue in Barcelona but is aware that the club wants his departure

If he has to leave, he does not want to play for Manchester United and would prefer to go to Bayern Munich

Frenkie de Jong lives his most complicated moments at Barça, aware that the club wants his departure. In these circumstances, the Dutch midfielder, who does not look favorably on the option of signing for Manchester United, however, he does not rule out Chelsea as an alternative.

Frenkie de Jong’s minutes as a central defender in the duel against Inter Miami they can be interpreted in many ways. Of course, as a sign that it will be difficult for him to play in midfield when Xavi Hernández has many players for that demarcation. Or, simply, that the Blaugrana technicians distribute the minutes in the preseason and that, when the squad is defined, Frenkie will regain prominence in midfield.

In any case, De Jong knows that he is in the market and does not like the option of changing the Camp Nou for Old Trafford. The Dutchman doesn’t like the city of Manchester or how United works, a club that considers that it has had an erratic behavior in the offices in recent years and, above all, that it will not play the next Champions League. This is, without a doubt, the main handicap of the ‘Red Devils’ to convince the Barça player.

Bayern Munich… and Chelsea

His first option is still, without a doubt, to stay in Barcelona, ​​as he loves the city and the club. Given the circumstances, I would not see with bad eyes the alternative of signing for another ‘great’ in Europe such as Bayern Municha club that aspires to everything and a city with all the attractions.

Frenkie De Jong is aware that the offers for his signing come mainly from England, and Although the Premier League is not a competition that he loves, he is not closed to assessing a transfer to Chelsea either..

He recognizes that the ‘Blues’ have a sporting project and a structure that lives up to their sporting aspirations, first of all because they will play in the 2022/23 Champions League and, under the guidance of Tomas Tuchel, they are in a position to fight to win the Cup of Europe and the Premier League. And, of course, London is a very attractive city to live in.

The pitfall of pending accounts

Chelsea knows that Manchester United and Barça reached a pre-agreement for the transfer of Frenkieand for the moment he is waiting for that pact to decline, due to the lack of interest of the footballer, in order to present a formal offer.

In any casethere is one last point that is not minor, and it is the economic question. Frenkie has a significant amount pending to collect after the agreement that he closed in his day to defer part of his salary. He should start collecting those amounts now, which would make him one of the best paid in the Barça squad and would shoot up his salary again. The Dutch international wants to receive that amount that he considers his by contract, yes or yes.

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Frenkie de Jong does not rule out Chelsea’s alternative