Fortune rewards in the end the work of Barça B

Barça B recovered two points, those who go from drawing to winning, when they already escaped and when already own Barcelona team seemed to accept the match as good. An own goal returned to the team that directed Albert Capellas for the first time the meager advantage he had gained after nearly an hour of overwhelming dominance and it should have been older. A great goal by Aranda after an error by the right-back Perejón put Barça B ahead, but Linares had managed to equalize the game first and then tie in a shot from Etxaniz, the striker who put Alberto González, the local coach, as a shock. Then came the 1-2.

And it is that, despite total dominance of almost an hour, the two goals of the Barça B arrived product of errors defensive; the 0-1, in the exit of the ball; and the 1-2, in a bad clearance. Barcelona’s superiority was overwhelming in the first half. Two great actions by Jutglà, a personal move beating two defenders and a tight shot from the front, they found Lithuanian goalkeeper Ernestas Juskevicius, who had entered the eleven at the last minute by Nauzet Pérez.

The Linares had resisted in the best minutes of the Barça, but conceded the 0-1 shortly after showing another mood at the beginning of the second part. A serious error by Perejón in the exit of the ball opened the doors for Aranda to enter the area and finally overcome Juskevicius

Linares reacts

The changes of the local technician then changed to a harmless Linares until well into the second half. With the entry especially of Carracedo, the local team became dominant, while Etxeniz provided the mordant from which Linares had suffered for almost the entire match.

So things, after an extraordinary Carracedo’s move, who overcame two rivals and hit the crossbar, came the tie in an action by Barbosa on the left, with a center and shot by Etxeniz, who had already warned in a previous play. When Barça B considered good the draw, another action by Aranda ended with a cross and a very lucky own goal when Josema tried to clear his head. Fortune smiled this time at Barça B.


Linares Deportivo: Ernestas Juskevicius (3); Perejón (1), Fran Lara (3), Josema (1), Barbosa (3); Sanchidrián (1) (Carracedo (3), 63 ‘), Rodri (2), Meléndez (2) (Andriu (sc, 87’), Luis Castillo (1) (Fenoll (2), 76 ‘); Hugo Díaz ( 1) (Etxaniz (3), 74 ‘), Fran Carnicer (1) (Copete (1), 63’)

FC Barcelona ‘B’: Iñaki Pena (3); Guillem (2), Comas (2), Mika Mármol (2), Ndiaye (3); Matheus (1), Jandro (2), Aranda (4); Ilias Akhomach (2) (Nils Mortimer (1), 78 ‘), Rodado (1) (Peque Polo (sc), 87’), Jutglà (3)

Goals: 0-1, Aranda (56 ‘); 1-1, Etxaniz (86 ‘); 1-2, Josema, pp (90 ‘)

Referee: Antonio Alberola Rojas, from the Castilla-La Mancha Committee. Cards to Jandro (24 ‘), Matheus (65’), Josema (74 ‘), Etxeniz (88’)

Stadium: Linarejos

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Fortune rewards in the end the work of Barça B