Forlán spoke about the questions to Master Tabárez and pointed against a former captain of Uruguay

Forlán and Tabárez shared several years together in the Uruguay (NA) national team

These last days the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) lived moments of extreme tension after what were the two consecutive defeats of the Uruguayan national team against Argentina and Brazil in the Qualifiers towards the Qatar World Cup that they left Oscar Washington Tabárez on the brink of dismissal. Although everything seems to indicate that the Teacher He will continue in office, at least until November, his questioning provoked the reaction of some of his former leaders.

Diego Forlán, champion of the 2011 Copa América and top scorer for the sky-blue team in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, was the one who referred to the issue and defended the coach: “Even though two important games were lost, we are in a difficult situation with both matches to come, but that it ends this way, I would not like”.

In dialogue with the Penal Point of Channel 10 of Uruguay, the former striker for Atlético de Madrid and Manchester United who retired in 2018 was clear in his position: “In the process, a lot of things were achieved. I understand that there are many angry people, but if we start to think that they qualified for all the World Cups, finishing fourth and fifth in two of them, they won a Copa América … Sometimes I laugh because I hear that they say that we won only one Copa América, but Argentina won one in more than 20 years. If you take out the Teacher and Diego Aguirre comes who is the one who is playing, he does not have much time to work”.

Diego Forlán retired in 2018 and had steps as a coach for Peñarol and Atenas (EFE)
Diego Forlán retired in 2018 and had steps as a coach for Peñarol and Atenas (EFE)

Forlan He was upset that AUF leaders had communicated with former referents of the selected team to hear their opinions on whether it was appropriate to end the Tabárez cycle or whether he should be sustained in office. “If (Diego) Lugano thinks, for me it is not good. I would not do it. For me, it does not correspond. I don’t know what relationship he has with Ignacio Alonso (president of the AUF) ”, said the former footballer who led Peñarol and Atenas.

Lugano, former champion of the 2011 Copa América, was captain of the Uruguayan team for years. But according to Forlán this does not mean that he can comment on the situation of the Maestro: “As a player I was never consulted about the continuity of a coach. There are some who believe they have that ability, maybe I was a freak (…) Players do not have to be consulted. They are to play. There are roles that are respected “.

Despite this, the Uruguayan press maintains that Tabárez He will continue in office for at least the double date in November in which his team will host Uruguay on the 11th and then visit Bolivia in La Paz on the 16th, in two clashes that could be crucial. La Celeste is fifth, with 16 points, three more than Chile, its immediate pursuer and the same number as Colombia, today in qualifying positions to Qatar by goal difference. There are still six days ahead, so each match will be a final.