Footballer loaned his Lamborghini to a friend and hit a tree!

Las Palmas, Spain /

Today the great most of footballers receive abysmal salaries, where many of them invest in houses, businesses; they buy clothes, watches, one or another eccentricity, but almost all agree on one thing: luxury cars, the same as Jonathan Viera, player of Las Palmas, he no longer has because a friend bumped into him.

The player Spanish militates in the second division of Spain and despite not being in the maximum circuit you can give yourself certain luxuries, although erred very big to lend him still friend his Lamborghini valued at almost 6 million pesos, as it was destroyed after hitting it with a tree.

What happened to Jonathan Viera’s Lamborghini?

According to Spanish media, through social networks they transcended some photos and videos where do you see a luxurious Lamborghini, valued at 250 thousand euros, destroyed after crashing into the tourist area of ​​Playa del Inglés, same that belongs to Jonathan Viera.

This was done viral as many people recognized that the car belonged to the player from Las Palmas, but what they did not know is that the Spanish did not drive the Lamborghini, but He had lent it to a friend and he destroyed it; released a statement to clarify everything.

“Before the publication of some images in which the consequences of accident suffered by a car of my property, I clarify to those who have worried about my state of health that I was not driving the car. Car a friend wore it, who fortunately is in perfect condition. Thank you all for worrying, “he wrote on Twitter.

The good thing about this mishap is that no person was hurt, either the friend from Jonathan Viera despite the spectacularity of the blow, because despite the fact that the top left was destroyedIt is said that no one was injured, so everything was left in material damage.

Jonathan Viera will not receive any sanction or something similar with his club since the situation was cleared up in time, because rumors they said that he had been driving drunk. What the Spaniard must do now is to reach an agreement so that his friend will pay him the damages for his car.


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Footballer loaned his Lamborghini to a friend and hit a tree!