Florentino’s face gives him away on Ancelotti

Ancelotti returns to take his first steps at Real Madrid in this first week of training in Valdebebas. Without noise, only with 13 players from the first squad, This Friday he received a surprise visit from Florentino … And according to the atmosphere that the images released by the club distil, Florentino’s face shows that he is happy with a choice that was not the first on the table, but which turned out to be a perfect hand stroke.

When Sacchi came to the Milan bench, he surprised Berlusconi. “I want a conductor, and that’s Ancelotti.” “But he’s injured and doesn’t even play in that position!” Was the manager’s response. But Arrigo insisted: “I’m not worried about his knee injury. I would have worried that his head was injured, and his head is at 200%. “ Galliani signed him in the last gasp of the market, and tTechnician and player wrote one of the most beautiful pages in football, that of Milan, which revolutionized this sport with a new system of space occupation alongside men like Rijkaard, Gullit or Van Basten.

Ancelotti has been behind him for 40 years of football, 25 of them on the bench. His brain has continued to function at 200% for football and his chameleon capacity has made him triumph in the five main leagues in Europe. His first Madrid played the best football fans remember from galactic times. He knew how to fit in with the BBC. “We can defend with six,” he said when questioned. And he managed to create a perfect machine with a midfield made up of Kroos, Modric and James. He didn’t have to, but he has accepted the challenge of a second stage. He himself knows that another football is played. One of more pressure and speed, Premier style, where it just came from. But His Madrid, without reinforcements due to the pandemic, will work again. Because Ancelotti is a wise man on the bench.