“Florentino lowered salaries by 10% due to article 23”

In the midst of great anticipation, Victor Fontformer presidential candidate and second in the last elections with 16,679 votes, gathered the media to talk about how he sees the new Barça of these days today. Under the slogan “Seguim construint el Barça del futur”, Font explained himself to the media. Font began by taking a photo of the look with which his Sí al Futur platform sees Barça these days. “He always explained that institutional stability in a club like Barça is a major issue. Laporta won clearly, what sense would it make, if we say to put the interests of the club first, to go out and talk about everything the club does? Have a responsible, empathic or collaborative attitude (…) It doesn’t make me too funny to be right, but I already said that Barça was a train that was going at 200 kilometers per hour and about to hit the wall. They told me I was a catastrophist and that’s why he said that entering to govern the club without a plan would be like being in the middle of the flight and changing the engine of the plane. That’s why we had a plan for the first hundred days. The current board left the losses at 485 million euros. We were going to leave them at less than 200. What are now called levers, we called strategic partners. There is a lack of plan. Sí al Futur was born to ensure that Barça can continue to aspire to everything while maintaining the ownership model. Our concern today is maximum because the ownership model can be put at risk. What do we do, giving interviews will we help? I think not”.

Font proposes to participate in a statutory reform of Barça. “A window was opened for us with the statutory reform. Surely 90% of the members do not know that the club is proposing a statutory reform and we want to help. What we ask is that this electoral reform process be transparent and as long as necessary, that we involve all possible agents and that Barça is ahead. That they do not slip us a reform that does not protect the interests of the club. It is a major issue. There has never been a far-reaching statutory reform at Barça and we must enter so as not to ask for acts of faith and approve agreements without knowing what is there. The statutes are the tool to do that and We have asked Laporta for a meeting and we explain the statutory reform with several points. The first, transparency code. Do not do it if there is no information. This way we will avoid what has happened in recent months. Second, the property. We made an announcement in which we said: be careful, these could be the last elections in Barça’s history. If it is said that you have to sign Lewandowski, the levers, etc., yes or yes, we can lose oil. If we force whoever sells rights not to endanger the club, we will protect it. Third, there is social disaffection. For those who govern, the fact that there are no critical partners avoids problems in government action. When we talk about democratizing the club, the statutory reform must be voted on by all the members, not in an Assembly. In a referendum”.

Later, Víctor Font answered questions from the media.

What reaction has Laporta had to your proposal to participate in the statutory reform?

When the meeting began, Laporta excused himself and was not at the meeting. IF there were about eight or nine proposals, I don’t know what will be done. All this has gone unnoticed. More emphasis needs to be placed on these issues. If we don’t know what’s going on.

Do you see the signing of Lewandowski viable; Do you think Messi would have stayed?

I cannot speak knowingly. I don’t know what kind of negotiations are taking place. I think in order to do the best you can, you have to be as talented as possible. We had a plan that reduced the wage mass during the first hundred days of government, it did not increase negative equity; and with that and the will of Messi. I am convinced that yes, that Messi would have continued. I think Lewandowski will come. I think that going into government without having a plan worked. It worked in 2003, 2010 and 2015. What we said is that now it is not the same. What Florentine did. He lowered 10% of the salary, no deferrals. By article 23 as you could say. He lowered the salaries of soccer and basketball professionals by 10%, all equally. You have to have the leadership and the political will. That allowed us to undertake nenosotors

Would you sign Lewandowski for 50 million?

I refer to the fact that sports decisions have to be in the hands of the sports structure. It is evident that Xavi, Mateu Alemany and Jordi want him as their absolute priority.

What would you do with Dembélé?

With Dembélé, the situation is different and I make the analogy with Neymar. I knew that, sportingly speaking, Xavi loved Neymar. There are three parts to a transfer. Apart from sports, institutional and economic. And that eliminated Neymar. And with Dembélé I see the same. The club is above him. We would have told him that we cannot deal with a player like that due to a lack of commitment.

Were the partners wrong in voting for Laporta?

No, that is democracy. And most choose. I feel bad that we didn’t know how to explain ourselves well. The numbers.

What do you feel when you hear Laporta say that Barça has to deal with a family business?

Our vision is diametrically opposed. Barça is not a company. That shows a lack of professionalism. Signing Xavi is the best decision they have had, but a plan is not a name, it is that all the pieces fit together. It is not in structure.

Is Gavi’s renewal taking too long?

I think so. The player is crazy to stay and the club has an important asset.

Do you keep in touch with Xavi? What look does he have from the club?

Xavi is the most optimistic person I know, more than the president. Logically, the years prior to the elections were very intense because I wanted to meet the person as well as the myth. I didn’t want to take a name. He is now on the personal side. I don’t call him to ask him about first-team issues, but we talk often. I am convinced that we are in the best possible hands and we have to help each other.

What do you think about the pressure on Frenkie de Jong?

It is difficult to judge from the outside. In the sports part, Xavi, Jordi and Mateu should decide. How high a priority is it? But not knowing it is difficult to say.

What is the worst decision of the Board?

The big problem, with the talent there is, dealing with so many emergencies without having a plan.

Is it realistic to talk about Koundé, Bernardo Silva or Lewandowski?

Information from outside is very difficult. I can make hypotheses, but they will take the headline from me. Xavi wants the best possible team and the responsibility of who governs is to explain what is possible or not. We need a CEO to manage these types of decisions, a strong sports structure so that Xavi’s opinion counts. He’s about to lose a truck, but I’m still optimistic. It is a High Speed ​​Train and if things are done well, the future will be splendid. But I am very concerned that for whatever reasons, we do not have the best talent by your side, clear plans. That is very risky.

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“Florentino lowered salaries by 10% due to article 23”