First official match without Messi: the Camp Nou will have almost 30,000 fans

First official match without Messi the Camp Nou will have

The Camp Nou will once again host fans in its stands in a match of the , for the first time since the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, as the club was able to have almost 30,000 tickets for the premiere in against Real Sociedad, 30 percent of the capacity of the Blaugrana fiefdom.

Despite the current restrictions of the pandemic, still present, the premiere of the Barça in LaLiga 2021/22 at the Camp Nou, first official match without Leo Messi after the march of ’10’, it will be held against Real Sociedad this Sunday with limited public capacity.

In accordance with the regulations issued by the health authorities, this capacity will be set at 30 percent of the stadium’s capacity, which represents a total of 29,803 spectators.”, Explained the FC Barcelona it’s a statement.

Seventeen months later, practically a year and a half, the public will be able to return to the Camp Nou even partially. As a coincidence, the last game with an audience was also a Barça-Real Sociedad contested on March 7, 2020.

In this first League match, 85% of the total tickets enabled will be destined for members with season tickets, while the remaining 15% will be destined for club commitments.”, Contributed the entity.

Each application for each subscriber may bring together a maximum of six subscribing members, provided they are from the same area of ​​the Stadium, and those under 14 years of age must always attend the game in the company of an adult.

If, once the deadline for submitting the form is closed, there is more demand than the tickets available, a draw will be held to determine the members of each zone that may have a ticket for this first league match.

To facilitate distancing and restrict mobility, the distribution of the Camp Nou It will be divided into eight blocks that will have specific entrances and doors, as well as independent services.

Throughout the game, you will have to be seated in the assigned location without being able to change your location and it will not be possible to leave to re-enter the venue. Inside of Camp Nou It will not be eaten, and the assistants will have the obligation to use the mask, maintain a safe distance and follow the mobility instructions and health regulations at all times.

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