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After the painful defeat in San José against Costa Rica, the Honduras national team He returned to the country this Wednesday afternoon. One group landed in Tegucigalpa and the rest arrived in San Pedro Sula along with the coaching staff.

The Concacaf Playoffs standings

Upon arrival in the capital, players like Maynor figueroa They provided statements on what lies ahead for the Bicolor from now on, since the road to Qatar 2022 is impossible to cross. In addition, the captain spoke about his future both in the ‘H’ and at the club level.

Rest of the Round

” You have to finish the Qualifiers well, in a dignified way. For my part, thank the people because despite my mistakes they were there supporting me. ” ‘

Sensations and youth

” The atmosphere in the dressing room is sad, there can be no joy. We speak internally (with young people), there are many players with great talent and they have been given the opportunity to be in the National Team and that they can consolidate, which is the most important thing. ”

What did El Bolillo tell them after the defeat?

” The teacher told us that we have to keep working and close this Round with dignity. The teacher is now going to focus on the next Round, you have to prepare for what is coming in the future. ”

Was it your last match with the National Team?

” We’ll see what’s next. I have never said ‘no’ to the National Team, nor with the sunken ship I never left. We have to see where we can be important, if helping my children because they are in a stage where they need me or continue here. I do not know if I will be able to finish the rest of the Qualifying because my relationship with my club (Houston Dynamo) ended and if we do not have a team, the chances of being in the National Team are nil. ”

Bolillo’s reaction after falling against Costa Rica

Her future

“I have no offers from anywhere, from any club.”

Would you like to return to Olympia?

“I don’t know, anything is possible.”

Message to the fans

” The same message: to thank all the people who have supported us, who showed us their love. The truth is that I only have words of thanks for all those people. ”

Facts about Maynor Figueroa in the National Team

– He currently has 178 games and has scored 5 goals.

– He has been in the World Cup processes, Germany 2006, South Africa 2010, Brazil 2014, Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022.

– He has participated in 58 knockout games and has been in all 6 World Cup games in South Africa and Brazil.

– He is the footballer with the most games in the National Team and the one with the highest participation in Qualifying.


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Figueroa talks about his future after the Honduras debacle: was it his last game with the National Team? – Ten – Sports Diary