FIFA wants the teams to only play in October


09/09/2021 –

Lto FIFA he is clear that football has and must change urgently. The highest body of world football has gathered in Doha during these days to ex-players and ex-coaches to study the way to make more sense of the calendar. Arsene wenger has explained the decisions adopted, which would come into force as of 2028 (some in 2024) and which would have as a major novelty the elimination of selection stops to group these parties in the month of October.

“All the actors are concerned about the quantity and quality of matches. We start from making fewer trips and less climate change. The way to combine the matches of national teams and teams is not the most appropriate. You have to reduce matches, but they have to be much more interesting. The fans want bigger games. They claim it. We must reduce the differences between the confederations and give the same opportunities“.

The revolution would come with the change of formats. “The current calendar is out of date. In September there is already a first stop, in October the second, in November the third and in March the fourth window. In June the last window and in July the new season begins. All this is too much It is about regrouping the qualifying phases to avoid trips. August and September would be for club football and October for qualifying rounds. From November until the end of the season again for club football “, he commented Wenger. Logically the summers would remain for the final phases as World Cup, Euro Cup, America’s Cup, etc.

“You have to reorganize everything. The benefits would go to everyone, starting with the clubs. There would be no stops“Wenger said at a press conference where he was also asked about the Club World Cup:” COVID has changed the situation. We have decided to reorganize the international match calendar. When that is decided, we will return to Club World Cup and we’ll see if it needs changes. ”

World Cup every two years

Wenger explained when it will be possible to show how a World Cup can be played every two years: “146 federations have asked to change the World Cup to two years and in December we will see it. The response from all the actors has been very positive, including footballers. active. On December 19 it will be known, if the federations approve. There are many federations that have not played a World Cup yet. The national stops are the worst for the teams and I say this because I have been a club coach for a long time “.

146 federations have asked to change the World Cup to two years and we will see it in December “

Arsene wenger

The question is to know if more or less games will be played than the current ones. “How many games should a footballer play? There is no ideal number. The physical potential of each one is different. Footballers want to play important games. Travel and climate changes are more damaging than the number of games. With the calendar that we propose that fewer games would be played. ” The world soccer calendar is closed until 2024, but the changes could become effective from then on. The World Cup every two years could come from 2028.

Ronaldo approves

Ronaldo Nazario has been one of the former players chosen by the FIFA to study possible changes. “I am very optimistic about the changes. world Cup will continue to be the most prestigious on the planet. The current calendar was established a hundred years ago and that’s a lot. The world has changed. We must improve the quality and the spectacle, but also the rest that with the current calendar hardly exists. Just one window for tournaments and qualifying rounds, it would be better for everyone. It will improve the quality of football. The motivation playing the qualifying phases in a month will be higher, it will mean that everyone will be taken with more enthusiasm and will have more attention. The Champions is played every year and does not lose interest “.

“If you ask Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo they will say that they do want to have more chances to win the World Cup”

Ronaldo He insisted: “We all agree with the proposed calendar. Every two years is a wonderful idea. If you ask Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo they will say that they do want to have more chances to win the World Cup,” Ronaldo said.