FIFA integrates a committee that will seek to consolidate the idea of ​​the World Cup every two years

ESPN Digital is aware that nearly 40 former World Cup players, including Mexican players, are pushing for a more continuous World Cup

FIFA has formed a committee made up of 40 former World Cup players, which includes former Mexican players, with the aim of cementing the idea of ​​holding the World Cup every two years., sources informed ESPN Digital.

The proposal that was made months ago provoked debate around the world and has been reinforced in recent days, its viability is still being studied, although five points have already been raised to give greater impetus to the idea.

Our informant assured ESPN Digital which will soon be announced at a press conference. The changes that are generated as a result of these proposals will begin from 2024, but the football family welcomes being taken into account, since that will allow common agreements in which it is intended that everyone benefits.

Players in full swing

Because the World Cup is held every four years, it is difficult for players to stay at their highest peak during that time frame. A reduction of the period to every two years would help the player reach the World Cup at his best level.

Greater exposure for everyone involved

The World Cup is the most important tournament for FIFA and doing it every two years would increase the exposure for the countries, players, sponsors and those involved in organizing the championship.

Fewer trips to playoffs

A World Cup organized every two years would help simplify qualifying processes and that would lead to fewer trips in the playoffs, giving the footballer more rest time and peace of mind for the clubs.

Better organized calendar

One of the arguments for holding a World Cup every two years is that there would be a better schedule for all confederations, with fewer tournaments to play and focusing all attention on the World Cup.

Active players longer

Players would be more active with their representatives and teams, as travel is reduced, which would benefit all three parties. Because they would have more exposure, more activity with their clubs and representatives, but, at the same time, they will have moments of rest by having a more organized calendar.