Fernando Ortiz, without a fixed term as interim of America: “I put the limit on myself”

Fernando Ortiz, coach of América, pointed out that his goal is to give his best on Saturday against Monterrey and he cannot think beyond

The interim technician America, Ferdinand Ortizacknowledged that he does not have a fixed number of games to be against the first team, so he mentioned that against Monterey You must prove your worth as a strategist.

“The limit is set by me. I can’t think after Saturday and I will bring as much or as little experience as possible, but my goal is to do my best on Saturday and we will see on Sunday. I am realistic, I know the position I occupy and where I am. I focus on Monterrey and on Sunday it will be seen what it is for Ferdinand Ortiz“, said.

During his first press conference, Ortiz mentioned that he found a template hurt by the results they have had in the Closure 2022in which they march in the last position of the championship.

“It is a hurt group, because the results are not a reflection of what you want for the team. Having been there as a player, I said that we did not have to go back, but to see for the next game immediately. The message was always sincere and clear. To reverse the situation is to train, give everything and everyone will want to beat us, because they will always be news from day to day, ”he declared.

“My first practice was to understand the situation, understand the moment the club is going through and nobody likes to be in this situation. In this way you work out, knowing that you are going to be in this situation, whoever wants to win will make a difference. I trust the 11 who can start and we will plan the match in Monterrey as the great club that it is in Mexico”, he added.

Looking ahead to his first match against Monterey, Ferdinand Ortiz recognized that the experience of Victor Manuel Vucetich It can be key, but he assured that in the field the desire to succeed will be the key.

“Both teams are going through a difficult situation in sports and Manuel still works two days, but he brings me a lot of experience in this. This game will be for those who want to get out of this situation more, not just win beautifully. Both teams have a lot of hierarchy, players and sometimes it happens to want to win in the way one thinks, but it will be a game where that detail that is difficult to define matches will weigh, ”he commented.

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Fernando Ortiz, without a fixed term as interim of America: “I put the limit on myself”