Fernando Ortiz, against the tradition of America of not betting on the permanence of interim technicians

Characters such as Gonzalo Farfán, ‘Cabezón’ Luna and Aguado have passed through the position, without obtaining the opportunity to remain permanently, something that ‘Tano’ is excited to achieve

Ferdinand Ortiz has landed on the right foot as coach of the America, after adding seven points out of 12 disputed and has the capital team back in the fight for the Liguilla. With the passing of the games, ‘Tano’ has won the support of the feathered fans and is on his way to achieving an outstanding relief as interim technician azulcrema, a situation that would break the pattern of failures experienced by other strategists with this label.

Gonzalo Farfan had the opportunity to interim direct the America On three different occasions, first in 1997, then in 2000 and finally in 2002, combining these three stages, Farfán directed 15 games, won four, drew two and lost nine, figures that left him out of the institution.

Another former winged player who took on this role was Robert Alderete, who in 1999 led three games, of which he won one, lost one and drew the other remaining. For its part, Jose Manuel ‘Chepo’ De La Torre in 2003 and 2004 he had the opportunity to lead the Eagles as an interim in two stages, in which he added three games with a balance of one win and two losses, which closed the door for him as the team’s star coach.

One of the most remembered internships of the club was presented in 2006 with Victor Manuel Aguadothe former goalkeeper remained responsible for the bench, but at all times he received instructions from Manuel Lapuente through a communication diadem, Aguado directed in eight games, of which he recorded three wins, two draws and three losses.

As it happens in many clubs, one of the resources most used by the America is to rely on legends who work at the club to take on the first team as a transition coach, Alfredo Tena led eight games America before giving way to Miguel Herrera. Rodrigo Lara led a party in 2016 to make way for Ricardo Lavolpe, while in 2008 John Anthony Moon He did one of the best interim jobs in the history of the club, leading the team to the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores with everything and the ‘maracanazo’ against Flamengo.

“I knew all the players very well because I was working at the club and training on pitch two, the only thing I did was put them in their place and remove them from responsibilities, fortunately I shut everyone up because they did a great job” , Luna mentioned for ESPN. The last interim technician the America before Fernando Ortiz was Alvaro Galindowho took on the team to cover the absence of Miguel Herrera, chosen by the Mexican team to play the World Cup playoff for Brazil 2014. During this period, Galindo led four games, winning one and drawing three.

Ferdinand Ortiz is on track to finish the tournament with America. The Argentine has earned the respect of his leadership with gestures such as staying in Mexico despite the death of his mother in Argentina.

Ortiz has the possibility of raising from the ashes to the America and take him to the next stage of the tournament, a situation that could be worth his definitive permanence at the helm of the Eagles.

“We are neither better nor worse from the moment we take office. The players always wanted to take the situation forward. Today we string together two victories, you can see the work. I can’t think beyond what Juarez is. I’m happy, doing an analysis is difficult after two games”, said ‘Tano’.

“I promised myself not to break down in this special week that I have spent, but sometimes it is inevitable. Losing a mother and being away, like any child, hurts a lot, but I am happy because from above she is surely happy that she does what makes me happy. I only have to thank my players and the people around me”, Ortiz said at a press conference at the end of the match against Necaxa.

Undoubtedly, the common denominator of interims in America is that they fail to establish themselves in the full-time position, a situation that Ferdinand Ortiz He is excited to change.

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Fernando Ortiz, against the tradition of America of not betting on the permanence of interim technicians