Fede Valverde is Ancelotti’s multipurpose

Fede Valverde started the season as a starter. Ancelotti wanted the Uruguayan in the eleven sosy for that reason it got to play until of lateral. The trips with his team and that inopportune of the Camp Nou, together with the good performance of Casemiro, Modric and Kroos They took him away from that initial role, but as soon as he has had a chance in the last two games as a starter, he has shown that he is prepared and willing to make things difficult for the Argentine coach.

The numbers are on the side of Valverde, as it is the second most used medium this season Ancelotti behind Casemiro who has participated in 23 of the matches played by Real Madrid. The former Pearol player has participated in 19 games (15 in the League and 4 in the Champions League). Modric has remained at 18 after missing the last two games of the year. Kroos has played in 17 games, weighed down by the injury that started the season. The German shares numbers with Camavinga.

The last two games of the year, before Cdiz and Athletic, have served to demonstrate what he is capable of and that he is ready for whatever Ancelotti wants. He has offered a remarkable version, giving balance to the team and remembering those conductions that he uses to break lines and create attacking options for Real Madrid.

Official: Fede Valverde renews his contract with Real Madrid until 2027

In addition, the versatility and physical display of Fede has made Ancelotti resort to him as a wild card and has played in four positions this season: 12 midfielder games, 5 indoor games and even a right winger game and a winger game. right before him Villarreal before the defensive losses of the team. ??

With 1,131 minutes on the field, Valverde is the tenth most used player by Ancelotti and if it weren’t for the injury he suffered in the game against Barcelona (it forced him to be 6 games away), they would place the midfielder among the footballers with the most presence in the field. the green.


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Fede Valverde is Ancelotti’s multipurpose