Fede makes them all better

Dbehind the coup of authority Real Madrid in Stamford Bridgeof the three goals of Benzemaof the white defensive power, of the praise given to Ancelotti for his approachoo of the umpteenth lesson of how to govern a party of Casemiro, Modric and Kroosits T Faith Valverde. All this would not have been possible without the portentous performance of the Uruguayanwhose impact on the team to dismantle Chelsea was spectacular.

Ancelotti bet on the Faith’s energy to match the intensity of the team Tuchelthe same one that overwhelmed the whites last season, and the formula was a success. Valverde’s legs ran for him and for all his companions, his blind push to Madrid in defense and made him fly in attack. Ultimately, he made everyone around him better. Fede left his grain of sand in each and every one of the great performances of their peers to conquer Stamford Bridge.


Exits Stamford Bridge reinforced after his bet Valverde. Putting the Uruguayan in the eleven marked the difference in the same gala eleven as always. The technician did not touch any more of the equipment he trusted, but the presence of the Uruguayan was enough to make his plan shine.


He had a luxury ally in Fede to contain the attacks of Chelsea by his band. The Uruguayan did not leave him alone in any defensive battle. He always had him close to give him a hand. He lived much calmer and was able to grow in one of his best games of the season. A performance I needed because faced the duel at Stamford Bridge under the magnifying glass after some recent performances far from his level.


He usually manages well on his own to take over his plot, but there are parties and parties. The one from Chelsea was going to be very demanding. He needed help to contain the gale that is the English team in the final meters and Fede did not fail him. The Brazilian could forget about the right side of the team because there the 15 swept everything. Case settled in his plot without having to go to other areas of the field to bail out and from there they governed the party until signing one of his best performances of the season.

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Kroos and Modric

They just had to dedicate themselves to seizing the ball. Without Fede, his defensive obligations could have conditioned his offensive deployment. But it was not the case. They had two bodyguards in the Uruguayan and in Casemiro to reduce their tasks in defense. In addition, Valverde was Madrid’s best escape route for break the chelsea pressure. The Uruguayan was a luxury partner for Modric and Kroos find the spaces and the players to give continuity to the offensive transitions.

Benzema and Vinicius

Madrid dismantled Chelsea on the run. Unlike PSG, this time they found a way for their dangerous counterattacks. oh Valverde was also key. Without being a normal component of the attack trident, he behaved like another striker. Combined wonderfully with Karim at the beginning of the plays and I ran at the speed of Vinicius to sharpen the counters and always be an option for his two attacking partners.

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Fede makes them all better