Family of the ‘Razor’: “I would tell him to stop his rampage”

A person close to the red and black fan, who is fighting for his life in a hospital in Querétaro, hopes that the incidents of violence that took place in La Corregidora will serve as a lesson for everyone

QUERÉTARO — Almost four days have passed since Esteban ‘Razor’ Hernandez was a victim of the violent events that broke out in the The Corregidora Stadium. The young man of Guadalajara origin is part of the negative balance that the fight between the bars from white roosters and Atlas. While he struggles in the hospital to get ahead, one of her relatives already knows that it is the first thing she will tell him when he manages to overcome his physical problems.

“I would tell him to stop his rampage, to serve as a lesson, that not everything is fun. Just as there are good people, there are bad people who want to hurt. Let it serve as a lesson and remain as a memory and a lesson nothing more. When we see him in the photo it was something strong, he was very swollen in the face, in the brain, in the nose, his cheekbones, everything. The truth was that it was something very strong that we did not imagine would happen, “he said the relative of ‘Razor’.

The image of ‘Razor’ beaten was one of the first to circulate on social networks. The rumors glimpsed a terrible panorama for the relatives of the red and black fan. Versions pointed out that the follower of Atlas He had died after the multiple blows he suffered inside the Stadium The corrector.

“At one point it did cross my mind that I would not see him again, as we saw the images, I did think that I would not see him. It was very horrible, when we found out that they were going to intubate him, I did think that I would not see him again . This was over the limit.”

Stephen Hernandez has evolved in an unexpected way, his recovery has been described among his relatives as “a miracle”.

“They have been (days) very tense, very frustrated, stressed. The truth is that we filled him with strength, we told him to give it a try, that we were not leaving him alone and that everything was going to be fine, that he was going to get out of this.”

The authorities have arrested 10 people as a result of the acts that took place in the The Corregidora Stadium. The relatives of ‘Razor’ They ask the uatorities to continue carrying out the work that has been done so far.

“Well, the support of the Prosecutor and the Governor is very great. We only ask them to do their job, to do justice. That’s all, to do their job. I don’t have to say anything to them. I have nothing against them ( aggressors), that is in the hands of those above, may God bless you,” he concluded.

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Family of the ‘Razor’: “I would tell him to stop his rampage”