Fabián Coito: ‘We don’t have players in the Champions League, we depend on the team’s collective performance’ – Diez – Diario Deportivo

Fabián Coito put his chest to the bullets during the press conference after revealing the list of summoned from Honduras for games qualifiers heading to Qatar. He made it clear that for now, the Bicolor does not depend on a single player since there are no stars in the greats of Europe as there are in Costa Rica, Mexico, the United States, Jamaica and Canada.

The South American coach explained this answer very well, he does not want it to be misinterpreted since he considers that there are players to put together a collective order and be able to knock down the rivals to straighten the way. He defended his call and explained why Choco Lozano did not enter the list when he is summoned this Saturday with Cádiz in Spain.


“Those of us in soccer can talk about what is happening. Premier League like some who play for Salzburg. We fell into the fatigue generated by these games and mental fatigue, we gave up at some point and we should not repeat, “Coito commented on a question about the arguments to be able to think that all three games can be won.

Then he added: “The performance of the National Team does not depend on a single footballer, we do not have players in the Champions LeagueWe depend on the performance of the team, the collective point, the desire to overcome adverse situations. In that sense, we made mistakes that allowed the United States to win the game, “he said.


Coito explained this part about the collective, because Honduras does have players who can make a difference as Alberth elis Girondins of France, Romell Quioto of Montreal of Canada and Andy Najar of DC United of MLS. To them we add the talent of Alex López who could make a block for the H to prevail.

“We have to weigh in our house with our people, supporting the footballers who are going to face teams of very good players. In football nothing is said, only part of what will determine the result,” explained the Uruguayan .


Honduras played one of its worst second times against the United States last date at the Olympic Games. Coito will make the necessary corrections and says that for that he must work so that his team does not lower the level, that they have a performance without ups and downs.

“It is not the only thing that determines the result of a match,” he said about the collective, then added: “but with the spiritual part to suppose the adverse part. I am not saying that we do not have players of a good level, I am saying that they are not living that experience or are in large teams. Our selection depends on our collective expression and must be expressed for 90 minutes. “

On what we will see against Costa Rica, he declared: “We have to aim for it not to happen again (the second half against the USA) and have consistency and constancy in 90 minutes. We are a team that has nothing left over and we have to play games almost perfect, I am not saying that we cannot win these duels, I would be innocent. We have seen games that we thought could not be won and they were won. We must exploit the opportunities that our rival offers us. “

He then repeated again to explain what he said earlier about the fact that Honduras has no footballers playing in the Champions League. “I am not saying that we do not have a team to win games, they are not going to misinterpret it, but we have to be prepared and at a high level to get the results we perceive,” he commented.

And to get those results you should not let go of points at home. “We must impose the locality for all the teams since outside they are very tough matches. I always believe that the results are closer when ideas are taken to the field and ideas are carried forward.”

“We were good against the United States, in 60 minutes at a good level that allowed us to dream of a positive result, but that fall that we suffered we must strengthen it, give confidence to be able to move forward. We do not have to live with the pressure that exists, we feel confident that we can recover on this triple FIFA date that we have ahead, “he continued explaining.


Finally he spoke about the call of the Vida forward, Luis Palma, a player who was called out by the fans. “Luis Palma is in a good moment, he is performing in a place where we lack in one-on-one and that will empower us. Luis gives us that possibility, he has done it at his club, he did it in the U-23 and he is doing in a team that is confirming its first place in the National League. Everyone has to live and know that they are prepared for this experience and when they show it in the U-23, it is time to take a step to the Major as at this time. Luis does. “

The coach wants to win everything, but does not promise that they can be conquered. “It is important to win, an obligation in football does not exist, logically it is important to get the local points and we have six, but not to go out with obligation because in football those who talk about pressure know little about it.”

To close, he finished: “We have to prepare to get those points because at home we must not let them escape as it already happened and we have to rescue outside. We have a tough game and we have to go find those who escaped at home.”