extra-community traffic jam

The Madrid It takes time dragging a problem: has many foreigners and few holes. A plug of non-community citizens that is hindering the planning of the next season. Because there are no tokens; they cannot be registered. LaLiga regulations only allow three non-EU footballers to be on the squad, which right now are Militao, Rodrygo and Vinicius. There can be no more; that is, there is no room for a possible return of Kubo, reiniera promotion to the first team of Vinicius Tobias… or even some signing (Gabriel Jesús, Sterling…). But let’s go by parts, that the matter has its crumb.

What is an extra-community?

It is not just any foreigner; In general, they are those from America, Asia or Europeans outside the EU (UK, for example). Why? Well, because throughout history the rest of the regions have been signing agreements that have built bridges. It is the case of the Bosman’s Lawinitialed in 1995 and that allows people from the European Union to be considered community within the European Union itself. Another example was the Cotonou Agreementwho provided this status those who came from Africa, Caribbean or Pacific.

But there are still no treaties regarding America, Asia or non-EU countries in Europe. That is why all Brazilian, Uruguayan, Argentinean… or Chinese, Japanese, Korean players, for example, must occupy a non-EU position when they arrive in Europe. Also those of the United Kingdom, ‘victims’ of Brexit. Depending on the country, more or fewer of these vacancies are allowed; in Spain, the limit is threebut in Germany there are none and in Italy, despite the fact that there are also three, there are exceptions (such as if a non-EU member comes from another Italian team).

Rodrygo, Vinicius and Militao, all Brazilians, are the three non-EU members of Madrid at the moment.


Rodrygo, Vinicius and Militao, all Brazilians, are the three non-EU members of Madrid at the moment.AS Journal

And how can you stop being an extra-community?

Getting a Spanish passport, that is, a dual nationality. For this, a footballer must meet exactly the same requirement as any other citizen: have lived in Spain for ten years. This figure is reduced two in those from Latin America, Andorra, the Philippines or Equatorial Guinea (and one, in case of marrying a Spanish person). That is why the Brazilian players of Madrid will be able to start their procedures by spending two seasons in white. The problem is that the arrival of the pandemic greatly slowed down these processes, which advance with an almost distressing slowness.

An example of this is that Viniciusresident in Spain since the summer of 2018, has been waiting for months for a resolution that has not arrived. The footballer, as AS has learned, submitted all the documentation a long time ago; Real Madrid knows this and is aware that nothing more can be done, but the ‘ok’ from the administration does not come. And although it is assumed that it is about to fall, there is no exact time. The last to go through this process was Valverdewhich received dual nationality in 2019, allowing the signing of Rodrygo.

Valverde is the last non-EU national to leave the country. to be at Real Madrid. Received Spanish passport in 2019.


Valverde is the last non-community player who ceased to be at Real Madrid. He received the Spanish passport in 2019.Ahmed YosriReuters

Militao-Rodrygo, after

Both arrived a year after Vinicius, that precise summer of 2019, but they are also now in a position to apply for their dual nationalities. And they have. But if Vinicius’ resolution, sent much earlier, has not yet arrived, it is understood that his is much less so. At the moment what the club is counting on is receiving the ‘ok’ from camefree up a place and from there, decongest the matter by registering at least one other non-EU footballer from the many who are in the queue.

ACE knows from a direct source in the Ministry of Justice that All nationalization processes have suffered a huge slowdown since this past March. There are countless requests backed up and that has caused many to be delayed. Among them may be that of Vinicius. The spar expanded this information by providing that there are pending files since 2016, among which is the Brazilian winger. The same Ministry assured ACE that this jam has been dissolving in recent weeks and the process is moving forward more smoothly.


But in the Valdebebas queue… there are a few. To begin with, two of the four on loan: Kubo and Reinier. The case of Japanese it is especially delicate, since he could not apply for dual nationality until he had resided in Spain for ten years. Yes or yes, he needs an extra-community place if he wants to play for Real Madrid. Regarding Reinier, being Brazilian the procedure is smoothed out, but he has been living in Germany for two years (on loan to Dortmund) and not in Spain, so his process would have to start practically from scratch. Either way, his short-term future seems far from Chamartín; The club is already working on another loan.

player photo9

The problem does not end there. The recent addition of Vinicius Tobias -right-back who currently trains and plays with Castilla, but whose idea was that in this second season he would start making leaps to the first team- is more of the same. Brazilian, non-community; needs a place. And that, without counting on signings. The recent offer of Gabriel Jesús has ignited this debate: Sportingly speaking, it would be an interesting option, but to get there, a vacancy in non-communitysomething that today does not depend on Real Madrid.

conditioned future

player photo7

Madrid has a huge handicap in planning your season. The possible arrival of Sterling, offered to the club as this newspaper toldhas also touched the same bone: the United Kingdom no longer belongs to the EU, so it remains outside the Bosman Law and the English are already considered non-EU. The arrival of Rudiger (Germany) and more than possible from Tchouameni (France) do not affect in this sense and in that path they are obliged to take many of the steps of the future. Community signing.

Because today the only certainty is that the first Spanish passport to arrive will be that of Vinicius; and that it will not take long, but until then it is known. In the meantime, the three non-community places are still occupied by the same ones that did it in 2019. There is no more. As long as there are no news, Kubo can’t come back, neither can Reinier and Madrid can only sign players from the European Union or from countries by the dropper. The jam is huge.

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extra-community traffic jam