Exchange between Colombians! Unexpected move would remove James from Everton

The madness of the market can do everything! James Rodríguez presses to leave, almost flee, from Everton, while for a compatriot his goodbye would be the gateway to the Premier League.

The move is unexpected but very favorable for the southpaw: he would return to Porto, where he began his journey in Europe, and his departure would be in a trade, no less than for Luis Díaz.

Who would have guessed it! James would thus resolve his uncertainty now that Rafa Benítez has him sentenced and Díaz would see himself in the prestigious Premier League.

The version is from the transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano, who published on his social networks: “Everton’s interest in the Porto winger Luis Díaz is genuine and confirmed. The conversations include James Rodríguez as part of the negotiation for a transfer to Porto “.

Clearly James is interested, at this stage, in any option that implies leaving Everton: “James Rodríguez will decide soon. FC Porto really wants him even on loan,” adds the expert.

The question now is on the side of Diaz: is it really convenient for him to go to Everton, a club without European competition and half a table in the Premier League, when it has sounded for Chelsea and Tottenham? Is that the best gateway to England? That is the response that is expected to know if there can be an exchange or not.

There are a few days until the market closes. Right now, everything is open. For James it is now or never, worse not necessarily for Diaz.