Everything was known! Dramatic salary cut and signing by Falcao’s friend

Falcao does not do things like everyone else and that is the root of the admiration he arouses in the world of football. His last signing for Rayo Vallecano of Spain, in which he has scored two goals in 33 minutes, is one more test.

This Thursday the newspaper El Mundo has revealed unknown details of his transfer, which was a total surprise, not only because of the modest club but also because of the great sacrifice made by the player: “The curious signing of Falcao’s friendship: 1.2 million and a lightning operation alien to Rayo’s sports director “, his article is titled.

Dramatic pay cut! That is the first detail that jumps out and that makes it clear that the player was looking to compete at the highest level so as not to lose his place in the Colombian National Team and stay on top for the Qatar World Cup. According to the Turkish media, the Colombian billed around 5 million euros per year, which means that it was for an almost symbolic amount his return to the Spanish League.

“At this point, at least for Falcao, who has passed through River Plate, Oporto, Atlético, Monaco, Man. United, Chelsea and Galatasaray, moving more than 100 million, always under the leadership of Jorge Mendes, money is what belongs to less. His salary will be around 1.2 million gross, although he would receive bonuses for the permanence or number of goals. “Radamel has put a lot on his part,” they emphasize in the club, “explains the source.

And not only that. His signing did not go through agents in search of commissions but, basically, because of his loyalty to a friend: “They admit to this newspaper that it was Mario Suárez who put Falcao’s name on the table of the president, Raúl Martín Presa. The midfielder, who arrived in Vallecas in January 2019, warned that the possibility existed and acted as an intermediary between both parties. And there were some corners of Rayo where they were suspicious of his hiring. “

According to the media, “Mario built the bridge on that frenzied August 31, with the tip, still owned by Galatasaray, glued to the phone in Bolivia, where he was concentrating with his team. An economic agreement with the Turks was necessary to obtain freedom. (He had one year left on his contract) and it was also necessary for the striker to do his part by lowering the economic figures on which he had moved (10 gross kilos in Turkey). After 12 at night, the bombing was confirmed On the 4th, the Ray made it official, “he explained.

“« The operation arose at the last moment, at times it seemed like a shot in the air », they recall in the offices of the Rayista entity, which had previously focused its efforts on tying the tie to Sergi Guardiola. The sports management was oblivious to the signing of the “The Falcao thing was frenetic,” they insist from the entity, where they speak of a “presidentialist” operation, insists El Mundo.

Later, he arrived as one more, he is looking for a house in Madrid although at first he thought of living in a hotel, his wife was definitive because of his illusion of living again in Spain and at this point ‘el Tigre’, aware of the opportunity he has And with that admirable attitude as always, he reaps praise at his club: “‘Falcao is delighted here. He is a very humble, cordial and very human guy,’ they add. While Andoni Iraola, his coach, rubs his hands:« He has come with the attitude of wanting to learn things quickly and help in whatever way, “says the note. Falcao, for our happiness, very, very Colombian.