Eva Espejo could become the first coach to be crowned in the Liga MX Femenil

Eva Espejo could go down in history in this Apertura 2021 with Rayadas.

The strategist of Striped, Eva Mirror, you will have the possibility to make history in the Liga MX Women in the final of the 2021 Apertura Tournament against Tigers, since winning it will become the first woman to be crowned as helmsman.

The first coach to win a championship was Luis Fernando Camacho, who did it in front of Chivas, who defeated Pachuca in the final in the Apertura 2017, precisely when the Hidalgo team was led by Eva Mirror.

For the Clausura 2018, it was Osvaldo Batocletti who got a championship with Female Tigers by defeating in the last instance Striped, who were under the orders of Héctor Becerra.

Leonardo Cuéllar was another of the helmsmen who obtained a crown and did so in the Apertura 2018 by beating America with Tigers, which was crowned again at the Clausura 2019 under the command of Ramón Villa Zevallos.

Becerra is one of those who join the list of technicians who have been crowned in the Liga MX Women, since with Striped surpassed Tigers in the final of the Apertura 2019.

Roberto Medina brought to Tigers to the title in the Apertura 2020 and for the Clausura 2021 they obtained the bicampeonato, and now, Eva Mirror has the possibility of being the first strategist to be crowned in Mexican women’s soccer.

Espejo led Pachuca from the Apertura 2017 to the 2020 Apertura, a period in which he reached six leagues, when he was closest to being crowned was precisely in the final that he lost against Chivas.

Eva Mirror is one of the seven strategists who have paraded in the Liga MX Women, such as Toña Is (Pachuca), Ileana Dávila (Pumas), Carla Rossi (Querétaro), Scarlett Anaya (León), Fabiola Vargas (Necaxa) and Ana Cristina González (Juárez).

Mariana chain, player of Striped, said that for her it is a pride that Espejo has that possibility and that it is satisfying to know that they do important things in the team.

“A lot of pride, I am a feminist and I want women to do well because we are a country in which many women are in high positions, many are protagonists, so the fact that Eva has already been successful, and continues to do so, me full of admiration.

“It also fills me with pride to say there are people who see her and who see us and say: ‘I want to be her’. It fills me with satisfaction that we are leaving a mark both in the club and in Mexico, that women are doing great things ”, he declared.


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Eva Espejo could become the first coach to be crowned in the Liga MX Femenil