Erik Lira’s clash with the referee generates controversy in networks

The comments indicate that the Pumas midfielder does not reach the mark in the second celestial goal due to the collision with the whistler

MEXICO – During the first leg of the meeting between Pumas and Cruz Azul, a play was presented, because in the second goal of the Blue Cross, Orbelín Pineda filtered the ball for Santiago Giménez to the area, but Erik Lira, midfielder of Cougars, collided with the referee Marco Antonio Ortiz Nava and he even threw it on the grass, a situation that prevented him from scoring Pineda.

Through social networks, users questioned about this action, since they believed that in the absence of the clash due to the crossing of the central referee, Lira could get to mark Pineda and prevent the ball from leaking to ‘Chaquito’ Giménez.

Even through your account Twitter, Raul Gutierrez, coach of the U-17 world champion with Mexico in 2011, questioned this action, to which the users reacted and described it as incredible, as they considered that it had to influence the goal.

“Does it not influence that the player from Pumas does not reach the play by colliding with the referee?”, Wrote the famous ‘Potro’ Gutiérrez on his Twitter account.

Despite the questions, clashes with the referee by players are not penalized in the regulations, so a fault cannot be pointed out for actions of this type, so the game continued as nothing.

Even at the moment of contact, Ortiz nava got up immediately and continued the play, while Lira he stayed on the pitch for a few moments and watched the play end, with a goal from Roberto Alvarado.


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Erik Lira’s clash with the referee generates controversy in networks