Eric is much better center back than some people think

Eric García has already been given a label that is difficult to erase. He has a good part of Madrid fans, and Spanish fans in general, wondering what merits he has done to be a fixture on Luis Enrique’s lists. She does not convince a sector of Barcelona fans either, which remembers her in some photos such as the one of Darwin Nuez’s goal in Lisbon or the one by Lucas Vzquez in the Clsico. It is true that and

The Catalan central defender started the season on the wrong foot, to the point of having lost the dispute for a position in central defense with resounding clarity with Araujo.

Barcelona fans, in need of guaranteed players in that position, quickly embraced their youth squad status

and his arrival from a City where Guardiola had given him a certain prominence. However, as usually happens in these cases, the beginnings were not easy.

Eric has become one of those footballers who are quickly singled out and for whom nothing is forgiven

. The critics are baited with him when he doesn’t play a great game and they forget about his performance when he more than delivers. And it is in this second point where it would be convenient to be fairer. The youth squad has greatly improved his performance. yes

He still has that point of bad luck as it happened again against Levante

, with a penalty for a hand as clear as involuntary. No one will talk, yes, of what

during the first half he held Bara

. Nor that in Frankfurt he kept his cool when he had to come off for Piqu in a game with a hectic pace, something always complicated when he comes off the bench, and even more so in a position like his.

Eric Garca has already accumulated a good handful of good games with Bara.

His conditions with the ball have never been doubted, but he has been asked to prioritize his performance in the characteristics that make a good centre-back: forcefulness, success in individual duels and speed at crossing. And in it it is. And he does it more than it seems, according to the criticism received. He would not hurt to stand out when he is doing well with the same interest that he does when he does a bad game. A player that Guardiola wanted, that Luis Enrique claims and that Xavi uses something he must have…

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Eric is much better center back than some people think