Emiliano Martínez challenged Cristiano to shoot the penalty, Bruno Fernandes blew it up and the goalkeeper celebrated with a dance

The Argentine goalkeeper always ‘puts on a show’ in penalties and now in the ‘Theater of Dreams’ he was no exception

Emiliano Martínez was a wall with Aston Villa, and it is that the Argentine goalkeeper intimidated and provoked Cristiano Ronaldo to shoot a penalty in favor of Manchester United, which ended up being collected Bruno fernandes and that he flew under the pressure of the South American, who began to dance after the ball ended up in the stands.

The ‘Draw’ was true to his style. The South American provoked the Portuguese attackers of the Red Devils in the 95th minute. His tactic worked and he kept his clean sheet, which gave him his first clean sheet against the team. Christian and company.

After a hand of Kortney hause at the request of the Manchester United and claims to the referee, Martínez approached the penalty spot and told Cristiano to shoot the penalty. United’s ‘7’ ignored him and left his compatriot, Bruno Fernandes, with the responsibility.

Emiliano Martínez continued to provoke Cristiano, who was placed on the edge of the area. Then, the Argentine threw words to Fernandes to make him nervous and in the end he triumphed, as he sent his shot over the goal towards the stands of Old Trafford.

Said wrong penalty meant the three points for the Aston Villa, who minutes before had scored with a header from Kortney hause, who beat Edison cavani and with that he silenced the famous ‘Theater of Dreams’.

The defeat also meant that those led by Ole Gunnar Solksjaer lost the leadership of the Premier League., which they held even before the game before him Aston Villa. At the moment, they fell to fourth position.

Finally, this is the 20th game that Martínez plays against England’s ‘Big Six’ and the fourth against him. United. In total he added 16 saves against the Red Devils and it was the first time he kept his goal at zero against that team.

The team that has faced the most is Liverpool with five games, it is also the one that has stopped the most with 27 interventions, although it has never been able to leave its goal without goals. On the other hand, against Arsenal it is against the rival that twice crashed and twice hung zero.