El Salvador lost to Brazil in their second game of the Beach Soccer World Cup

This Sunday, the El Salvador beach soccer team lost 4-2 to his similar Brazil in the second match of the World Cup Russia 2021.

With this result the Salvadorans have not managed to score any points in two games.

The goals of the Brazilians were scored by Rodrigo, double, Filipe and Mauricinho; while Exón Perdomo, along with Frank Velásquez, scored for the Salvadorans.

Rodrigo scored in minute 2 for the Brazilians after an error by the Salvadoran defense. Eliodoro Portillo came out to reject the ball, but did not achieve his goal, leaving the ball loose for the Brazilians to open the scoring.

A minute later Antonio kicked Exón Perdomo inside the area and was charged a penalty. Perdomo did not miss the opportunity and scored the first goal for the Central Americans with a strong shot placed in the lower right corner of the goal defended by Rafa Padilha.

In the first period, the actions on the pitch were even. With the exception of the first goal error, those led by Rudis Gallo managed to make excellent defensive blocks, including a miraculous save by captain Portillo; In attack, the national team got several chances, but the clearest ones came through free throws after being fouled by the South Americans

Two minutes before the end of the first period, the Brazilian captain Catarino fouled Jason Urbina and the referee whistled a penalty. It was Jason’s chance to vindicate himself after his ruling against Belarus and he wasted it. Padilha saved her shot.

Exón Perdomo missed the clearest in the last seconds of the match by sending the ball over the rival goal. The Salvadorans did not take advantage of their opportunities in the first period.

After three minutes of the second period Eliodoro Portillo managed to make another saving save, taking the ball from Rodrigo’s feet.

The Brazilian team was launched into the attack, their constant arrivals ended in Chileans who were diverted from the goal of El Salvador. They also tried long-range shots but failed to open the defense.

The Salvadorans played solidly in their half of the pitch, waiting for an opportunity to get ahead on the scoreboard, and Frank Velásquez appeared at minute 6 with a great goal, a powerful shot and a great placement, straight into the upper right corner of the Brazilian goal. .

The Salvadorans grew, and were encouraged to shoot from long distance, trying to replicate Frank’s goal, but they did not generate danger. This did not cause the Brazilians to lower their dominance on the court. However, the excellent defensive play of the “Azul de Playa” (who wore white) allowed the Central Americans to finish the second period without conceding a goal.

I repeat, El Salvador did not receive any goals from Brazil in the second period; that’s how good the work in defense of those led by Rudis Gallo was.

In the third period, El Salvador had the opportunity to score a goal first; Frank Velasquez fired a long-range shot that Padilha saved. But Heber Ramos made a foul that allowed Rodrigo to convert a free kick.

A minute later, Frank Velásquez caused a foul, but this time the free kick was saved by Eliodoro Portillo, who at that moment of the game was already the hero of the “Azul y Blanco”.

But Filipe scored the third of the Brazilians, in an oversight of the Salvadoran defense. No one scored the 5 from Brazil, who scored without a hitch.

With five minutes to go to the end of the third period, Rubén Batres made a free kick, but the ball crashed into the chest of the Brazilian goalkeeper. Two minutes later, Eliodoro Portillo fired a shot from his goal that Padilha saved with one hand. That was the clearest of the Salvadorans.

But with a minute to go until the end of the game, Mauricinho buried all of El Salvador’s hopes of getting a victory by scoring the Brazilians’ fourth goal.

El Salvador will close its participation in the group stage of the Beach Soccer World Cup Russia 2021 against the Swiss national team next Tuesday. That same day, Brazil will face Belarus.