El Salvador loses in its debut in the beach soccer World Cup

The Savior was defeated before Belarus in the first day of group B after falling in the series of penalties.

Those led by Rudis Rooster they did not manage to maintain the advantage of two goals that they had in different periods of the game.

Regular time ended 4 to 4 with doublets included from Ramos and Batres. Already in overtime, Velasquez gave the blue and white last hope after tying the match at five when Belarus had taken the lead.

Already in the series of penalties, the European team was impeccable by scoring the five charges while on the Salvadoran side Urbina erred on the fourth shot, which ended up leading to the defeat of Cuscatleca.

With this result, El Salvador is left without units in the absence of the match with Brazil and SWITZERLAND on the second and third dates of this group stage.

Rudis Gallo’s team got off to a good start in the first 12 minutes of the match, taking the lead at half-time.

Ruben Batres opened the scoring after 2 minutes of the first period after pushing a Chilean extension from Exón Perdomo.

After Batres’s goal, the match turned into a constant round trip with opportunities in both goals.

Already in the second period, Ramos increased the advantage with a free kick that went between the legs of the European goalkeeper.

Minutes later, Piatrowski put the discount for Belarus with a left foot from long distance.

On the next play, Ramos again extended the lead with a mid-serve where he spliced ​​a volley that the goalkeeper could not stop.

Already at the end of the second period, Belarus was going to shorten the distance through Aleh Hapon with a Chilean goal.

Already in the third period, Rubén Batres scored his double and extended the lead on the scoreboard after pushing a left pass from Urbina.

Immediately, Ryabko put the third for the Europeans after a direct free that beat the Salvadoran goalkeeper, Eliodoro Portillo.

Rudis Gallo’s team continued to attack but Hapon put the tables on the scoreboard with a Chilean who stayed next to the right post of the Salvadoran goal. In the last minutes of regulation time, the player, Rubén Batres was injured by a blow to his knee.

Already on overtime, the player Ryabko put Belarus in the lead for the first time in the match after taking advantage of a long serve.

In the absence of a minute for the culmination of the actions, Frank Velásquez appeared with a low shot that lodged between the legs of the Belarusian goalkeeper and in this way put the tie at five.

With the tables on the scoreboard, the match had to go to the penalty shootout.

Already in the lottery, Belarus was effective in making all five shots while El Salvador scored four and Urbina was unable to beat the European goalkeeper on the fourth shot.

It should be mentioned that the team led by Rudis Gallos is participating in its fourth World Cup, the first after eight years, while the European squad is experiencing its first participation in the World Cup.

It must be remembered that the experienced player Agustín Ruiz will not be present for this tournament due to injury.