El Salvador falls to Guatemala and remains unmarked

Selection of The Savior last night fell 0-2 before his similar Guatemala in a friendly court match. The most relevant thing was seeing new faces that may be useful to the coaching staff in the future, although the volume of the game decreased at times.

The Salvadorans tried to create playing conditions based on the groups to open spaces, something that was left in debt especially in the first half where they did not find the comfort to steal balls or to create options. A result that leaves little to a rival who presented order and took advantage of those he had.

As expected, the initial 11 had many novelties in relation to what it had usually been presenting Hugo Perez. Damien Alguera it was released under the three posts to present its credentials for future calls.

A) Yes, Cristian Martínez, Eric Calvillo, Danny Ríos, Roberto Molina and Christian Sorto they were novelties being accompanied by experienced ones like Domínguez and Jairo Henríquez. During warm-up, Tamacas suffered discomfort and instead Allexon saravia he supplied.

Danny Ríos had the first chance to open the scoring for the blue. After a good combination inside the area, the ball was left to the Cuscatleco who gave him power but deflected and the chance was gone.

Despite this good national impulse in the first minutes, the bicolor began to have its best moments of lucidity with a more solid control of the ball and accompanying more elements in attack.

It was so, after a good part of dominance, they took advantage. Christopher Ramírez took advantage of an inattention in the lower zone of Cuscatleca after a long stroke, controlled inside the area and with a cross shot he beat Alguera for 0-1 at 19 ‘.

Just two minutes later, Guatemala extended the advantage through Pedro Altán, who defined in complete solitude after a pass from Fernando Fuentes and although goalkeeper Alguera connected with the ball, he could not deflect the shot and it was 0-2 in the blackboard.

The chapines, with little, complicated Pérez’s pupils who did not find comfort to open spaces.

The Cuscatleco team tried with a free kick from Jairo Henríquez (35 ‘) and a long-distance shot from Calvillo (37’) that well saved the Chapin goal.

At the end of the first half, Jairo slipped into the area with a series of walls and finished off, but was stopped by the rival defense.

more possession
In addition, the national team had more control of the ball and looked a little better with the incorporations of Jeremy Garay, Ronny Arévalo, Styven Vásquez, who gave a little more dynamism to the attack although without finding the route to goal.
The options were long distance. Again Jairo Henríquez tried it at 74 ‘with a direct shot that controlled the Chapin goal without problems.

The chapines had one last chance with a deflected shot from Marcos Domínguez. The blue last night closed its fifth game without scoring.