Efraín Flores: Chivas threw away everything that worked for them

The Mexican coach recalled that in his management at the head of the rojiblanca quarry, successes were obtained, contrary to what happens with the current scheme

The basic forces of Chivas they are not going through their prime. Tournaments ago, the rojiblanco squad boasted mostly talent born in Verde Valle, that’s why Efrain Flores, who was a fundamental part of the work with the youth elements of Guadalajara from 2003 to 2011, commented in an interview for ESPN that the Flock threw away the entire project to strengthen and produce trained players from the rojiblanca quarry.

“A methodology based on the philosophy of the institution that gave results cannot be thrown into the trash can overnight. There are several things, it is good that they want changes, young people, people from different countries but the results that Be there, because talking and selling mirrors is very easy, carrying it out and giving results is not so easy. I think that the fault that Chivas has is that it sent to the trash everything that gave them results and now they are waiting for their results that they have not achieved. “

Efrain Flores recalled that during his tenure in Chivas, the players were followed from the age of nine to 20, which led the players to have a process to be considered in the first division, under certain solid bases in the rojiblanca ideology.

“I am very clear about what it cost us to do a work methodology in 2003 that I arrived and we left her instructed, a work methodology from the age of nine to 20 and that only the first team could have some of that methodology, how they arrived coaches drawn from the quarry, so most of them followed and continued with that methodology; a player from the U-17, from the U-20 that interested them “.

The Mexican coach said that all this work implemented through the methodology of the quarry, gave various triumphs and sporting achievements to the Flock, a situation that currently has not been achieved, either with projects led by the Dutch or the Spanish.

“Pretend that everything what we left there they threw in the trash, but they forget that a championship, several finals, Libertadores finals, Copa Sudamericana was achieved a long time ago; We left the team as a super leader and we were the most important quarry in Mexican soccer, because the quarries are measured according to the national teams they have, in this case Chivas He was the number one supplier of the minor national team, we had 6 or 7 players per team, that meant we were having good results; we had 90% of homegrown players in the first team to win the Championship. If all this is working for you, throwing it away seems ungrateful to me. “


On the other hand, Efrain Flores, who also directed the Atlas, stated that on this occasion, Chivas could save the season by beating the FoxesOtherwise for the red and black, who in this tournament are for bigger things.

“It seems to me that I could save him Chivas. I think that for the season that he has been doing Atlas, if it closes well it will be among the first four, Chivas what he is going to want is to qualify from 5 to 12, I think that the one who saves the season is more Chivas “.

At the executive level, the Mexican strategist also made a difference in the efforts that Grupo Orlegui and the rojiblanca board have carried out.

“I believe that Grupo Orlegi is very clear about what it is doing, with the objectives they have for Atlas and for Santos, I do not see very clear the objectives in Chivas“.