Ecuador’s team shakes with the 3-0 win over Bolivia in the 2022 tie against Qatar | Football | sports

(VIDEO) Three goals in five minutes returned Ecuador’s breath to return to third place in the leaderboard with 16 points.

It took the Ecuadorian soccer team less than 20 minutes yesterday to resolve its match against Bolivia. The tricolores thrashed those from the altiplano 3-0 at the Monumental Banco Pichincha, on the eleventh date of the World Cup Qualifying for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

With this result, the squad that Gustavo Alfaro trains rose to third place in the standings with 16 points and a goal difference of plus eight. On the following day, Sunday, the national team visits Venezuela.

Ecuador came out to overwhelm its rival who had problems to settle on the playing field. There was no reaction from those from the altiplano due to the pressure in attack exerted by the homeowners, who dominated the duel from start to finish.

The national team became strong in each of its lines and, especially, in attack, it was sharp and at all times it was superior to a Bolivian team that was weak and that only in the second half had a slight reaction with arrivals of his best attacker, which was Marcelo Martins.

After a weaving by the right hand between Ángel Mena and Byron Castillo, a center reached the heart of the area that hit the striker Michael Estrada with his head, to open the scoring at 14 minutes of the commitment.

The high pressure at the exit of the Ecuadorians achieved another robbery of the steering wheel Moisés Caicedo who, after eluding two rivals, put a pass into the void for Enner Valencia, who crossed the far post of Carlos Lampe to provoke the second tricolor cry at 17 minutes.

With the euphoria unleashed on the Guayaquil scene, Carlos Gruezo stole another ball, yielded to Estrada and the rebound was for Valencia, who at pleasure finished on goal with Luis Haquín desperate to get the ball at 19 of the lawsuit. In 5 minutes the win was consummated.

The tricolor, with the ‘ole’ adorning the environment, tried to increase the numbers and each attack had the aroma of a goal. The Bolivians were restless and Moisés Ramírez had to demand himself to achieve a premiere at zero, in a game that was defined 70 minutes before. (D)